USS Nimitz ported to Arma 3 by TeTeT
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TeTeT submitted an updated version of the USS Nimitz which he ported to Arma 3 with permission from JDog who originally released the USS Nimitz for Arma 2.
An example missions can be downloaded from the USS Nimitz downloadpage seperatly.

    Quote :
    This is release 0.98 for the Nimitz in Arma 3. Some sounds stopped working on the carrier: elevator, jet blast deflector, wire trap and wire break and engine sound. But for the engine sound the sounds were able to be fixed. Further the air defenses in Eden are using attachTo again and hence don't fall overboard when moving and turning the carrier in Eden. Note that some anomalies can still be observed in game, as the setPos of the air defenses is not that reliable. Thanks to Foxone/TheSn4k3 a new test engine stand was added to the Nimitz objects.

    • 2017-02-19 scripts
        - remove leading \ from playSound3D sounds
    • 2016-10-25 scripts:
        - use attachTo for air defenses in Eden

Written on 2017-02-19 20:11 by TeTeT  

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