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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 002

Short description: Here is a small script snippet to download data from a laptop with a GUI window.

Date: 2015-02-01 10:37

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Downlad data from a laptop


Here is a small script snippet from a coop mission I created to play with some friends. Maybe someone finds this usefull...

Because I thought downloading intel data from a Laptop by just adding a simple addaction to the Laptop is a bit boring I added a small downloading GUI window to it which has some changing texts. The download is only useable by one player at a time, you can abort the download / close the window by hitting ESC or clicking the X. When the download is finished a public var is updated that triggers the task to succeed.

Installation / Usage:
You can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished and/or if someone uses the object by checking the
following variables saved to the object:
_laptopInUse = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_inUse", false ];
_downloadComplete = _myLaptop getVariable [ "T8L_pvar_dataDownloaded", false ];

- updated the script to better work with objects created on-the-fly
- incompatible to previous versions, so you are not done by replacing files

- fixed the bug that was posted in April ... lazy me
- added the percentage part cuel posted down below. thanks!
- added WTFPL licence to script files, because licenses everywhere :x

- support for multiple laptops / objects
- you can check if the download on a laptop/object was finished by using the following var: T8_pubVarDataTask_MyObjectsName
- with the var T8_pubVarInUse_MyObjectsName you can check if someone uses this object. compare with the triggers placed in the demo mission!

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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