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Today we introduce a new feature at our website.

Till now we did not make any news items about any work in progress projects for Arma on our homepage to make sure the news wasn't pushed down to quick.
From today this will change.
From now on we will make one "Work in progress" news post each week where we update you with some interesting upcoming releases for Arma.

* Operation WW2

* US Navy Halo Paratroopers

* Bush Wars

* Black Hawk Down

* Iraq Modern Warfare Mod (IMWM)

    This mod will cover the Iraqi conflict and even if the ETA is middle 2008 it already shows great screenshots.
    3-imwm_03.jpg 3-imwm_04.jpg 3-imwm_05.jpg

    - BIS Forums
    - Armaholic Forums

* ADF Mod

    Rico from ADF has showed in our forums some new stuff from this mod. Even on this status which doesn't represent the final quality they looks really nice.
    3-adf_07.jpg 3-adf_04.jpg 3-adf_23.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - ADF mod

Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.

Written on 2007-11-04 16:16 by Foxhound  

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