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Dear players, addonmakers, (game) server & website hosts and all others in our dedicated community,

Addon Makers for Authors' Rights (AMAR) is a sizeable group of content creators for games developed by Bohemia Interactive with a common interest in informing the community about the do's and don'ts of content usage and sharing to support mutual understanding and cooperation efforts. For this purpose we have created a website containing Frequently Asked Questions and useful information about ownership rights, permission requests, terms of use and other related matters that can help addonmakers to use already existing content with the permission of the original creator(s) to save time.

We hope that you will find this information useful to expand your knowledge and support your fellow community members.
The website can be found at the following address: Thanks go out to tom_48_97 for help with the web design and hosting.

Kind regards,

Written on 2013-10-25 20:39 by JdB  

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