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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2013-10-29

Short description: A Stance and Mode Control over a Single Unit or Entire group with in ArmA II.

Date: 2013-10-29 08:23

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{Spooky} UnitSetPos Stance / Mode control


A Stance and Mode Control over a Single Unit or Entire group within ArmA II.

The Three Functions included here are Functional and can be used freely:
  • {Spooky}Fnc_UnitSetPos:
      effects the Stance, Modes, and Formations of the units with in the Enforcement Range.
  • {Spooky}Fnc_GetDistance:
      scans the units in the group, and splits the units with in and out of the Enforcement Range in to two groups. it also embeds the Last known position and distance from the leader to each of the groups units. This array is then passed back to {Spooky}UnitSetPos. (Here is where I am at now with {Spooky}UnitSetPos, where no conditions have been created to respond to the New array of data.)
  • {Spooky}Fnc_GetTreatAsses:
      Assesses if any of the units out of the Enforcement range detect any threats;
      if so then each unit that is a threat has its skills, Modes, Position, Distance, and where these values are compared to the Unit detecting the threat. also each threat has a individual THREAT level calculated, and a Total threat level calculated if there are more then one threat.

Installation / Usage:
SpookySettings.hpp and Spooky_Fnc_Settings.hpp, Hold default values for variables used with in.

{Spooky}ControlCenter.sqf Will eventually be the User interaction and control center for the {Spooky}projects Features and functions.

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