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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.02

Date: 2014-11-18 06:08

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Altis Domination XTRA

Champy_UK & Tankbuster

Way back in the summer of 2013, BIS broke GITS Evolution and Eggbeast was heavily involved in other projects, so as a new clan member, I offered to make a lightly edited version of my favourite mission, Domination for the guys.

As often happens, it turned into a massive project with a second full time coder and a small, dedicated and VERY patient team of testers and players within the clan, plus a few other select groups.

And so we arrive at release day of V1.00 of GITS Domination. It's recognisably Domination, the most popular MP mission in the history of the series doesn't need a great deal of work, but we couldn't resist putting our own little stamp on it.

We wanted to be creative so we spent much of our time on new side missions, as well as expanding other little known features, such as the intel system.

There are two versions of the mission, one for Arma 3 vanilla and one that requires some addons to be played.

  • Main:
      - Player base and spawn is at south end of main airbase.
      - Added second ammo box at base which contains clothing and vest items.
      - Teleport from base is from mapboard instead of flag
      - Fortress with static MG to help with base defence.
      - Chopper and Plane service point now amalgamated
      - Prize array contains ALL current west vehicles (except for UAVs)
      - Added heavy lift helicopter to lift tracked vehicles such as MBT,Bobcat and HEMMTs
      - Attack boats added to lift array
      - MHQs now HMG and GMG Hunters (Weapons enabled if undeployed)
      - Can spawn static AA at a deployed MHQ
      - Loading and dropping of ammo boxes removed. Is now in MHQ cargo space. Now contains only ammo
      - Airdropped box now contains only ammo.
      - Medic can create MASH tent
      - Engineer can create FARP from Repair Truck
  • Main Targets:
      - 31 Main target towns of differing sizes. From 200m radius to 500m radius.
      - Towns 300m radius and over have more enemy and have additional squads within the buildings in the centre of town
      - Reintroduced secondary main target missions. Now 10 available
      - Paradrop reinforcements replaced by helicopter that lands at main target to unload troops.
      - Custom flag texture on camps
      - Camp model changed to old Arma 2 style
  • Sidemissions:
      - 110 side missions including;
      - 18 Brand new side missions
      - 18 Reimagined existing Xeno side missions
  • Other:
      - Custom sounds for calling of artillery
      - Independent faction is sided enemy along with OPFOR
      - Island patrols are Independent faction and spawn three different force compositions
      - Base Saboteurs paradrop into base and plant explosives in base
      - Enemy AI skills now use Skill Array command.
      - Enemy skill settings now called 'Extra Low', 'Low', 'Normal 'and 'High' Default setting is 'Low'
      - Self destruct option for driver of badly damaged MHQ or choppers. (WIP)
      - Admin can use tky_monitor which periodically writes performance data to RPT

Note that this is intended for stable branch. Your mileage on Dev may vary.
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Future plans:
Better support for revive, it works, but we'd like to tweak it a little.
I fiddled with the ranked setting but at the time, didn't have time to get it just how I wanted, so don't use that for the time being.
ACRE, I'm told is funky, so we will look closely at how well that works with the mission.
There will be even more side missions. We have loads of ideas for this.
The intel system will be expanded too.

It has been pretty extensively tested, but it's a big complex mission, so there may be some weird stuff to be seen. Please report here anything you find.

Until BI fix a few issues, we'd suggest running with nologs on the server. We did some early testing with a headless client. We plan to test it again soon.

- Improved group joning behaviour of rescued prisoners in side missions.
- Improved failure condition of rescue prisoners side missions. If rescuer dies, mission fails.
- New scripting function for disableAI.
- Updated to latest version of COS civilian spawn system. (Thanks Bangabob)
- Added parameters to allow server admin to control COS bomber extension (car bombs, IED, suicide bombers)
- Improved UAV support system so players can't connect to UAV with a terminal (it's supposed to be entirely AI driven)
- Improved scoring system for kills got by artillery and UAV support calls.
- Fixed error with UAV markers.
- Fixed error with MASH markers.
- Changed weather systemso it's less likely to get stuck in a medium-fog/heavy-fog/medium-fog/heavy-fog loop.
- Introduced COS extension. Can now create car and truck bombs (parked vehicles only)
- Added. Some convoys now use civilian vehicles.
- Added vehicle is now automatically detached if the lifting helicopter is destroyed. Prevents nasty desync stuff.
- Added. Above system also added to wreck lift too.
- Removed. All required addons.
- Removed. All Independent style (were resided to West) from BLUFOR assets.
- Added. New DLC content. Huron is new heavy lift, wreck lift, support drop and used in side mission where C130 used to be. MH9 is new MHQ 3.
- Added. Custom heavy lift code to allow heavy lift HUron to sling load vehicls it wouldnt otherwise be able to do.
- Added. Custom wreck lift code so wreck lift appears to use ropes (it doesn't really, just for show!)
- Added Huron support containers. Still WIP.
- Removed. Some redundant TT code.
- Improved. Rearranged BLUFOR base to liftable HEMMTs are no longer under a metal canopy.
- Improved. Changed some scripts to use BIS fnc spawn vehicle instead of Xeno function.
- Changed. Headless client support changed to new BIS protocols and units.

Existing licensing and restrictions from Domination apply. In particular, no steam workshop!

Credits & Thanks:
Xeno for the Domination Mission this is based on.
SPUN_Fin for some of the funky scripts and Big Pickle for some of the sounds.
Among the many people who have helped over the years I've been fiddling with Domination, Zapat and Pokertour have contributed new scripts. Zapat, in particular, made from scratch, a script that places units near, and makes them look out of building windows.
Zach72 for his help
Keewa for the CJTF editor upgrade, Bangabob for his Civilian Occupation System (COS), Eggbeast, F2K Sel and K0rd for help with an aircraft speed restriction script.

brigada_spanish for his stringtable translations, Larrow, tryteyker, Das Attorney, Meatball (weather system), Terox

thanks to Champy_UK for his input and work and the XTRA clan chaps and the others who've helped with testing, feedback, bug reports and feature requests.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

- CTRG Vehicles and Aircraft (Optional)
- C-130J (Optional)

This file is no longer availbale. When anyone who sees this message still has this file somewhere we kindly ask you to sent it our way so we can fix our mirror.
Thanks in advance!

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