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Short description: A guide explaining how to make your own custom animations for Arma 3.

Date: 2013-11-03 19:11

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Custom Animations Guide

Tromp, Bad Benson & Kiory

Well, it's been a grueling few days to nail this new workflow down, but thanks to Thromp and Bad Benson, I have managed to create a new rig from scratch which is compatible with Arma 3.

Bare in mind, the rig that I have made isn't particularly animation friendly, but it will suffice for making custom animations. I've also provided a basic skeleton which is not rigged, in the hopes that someone here will create a better one. I will ask that whoever does this, please upload a download link to this thread and I'll update the first post accordingly.

This method also allows for all sorts of crazy stuff to be made, animals, mechas etc, anything you want, unfortunately I don't cover it in the PDF documentation, that just covers the steps needed to get animation out of 3DS Max and in game.

There are a few things to consider, when animating inside of 3DS Max, frame 0 needs to stay in the "T-Pose" and inside of the grid, frame 1 onwards, you need to move the rig above the grid so that the feet "sit" on it. also if you want to keep the weapon and launcher positions in tact with the hands of the character, they will also need to be animated.

So gentlemen, let the crazyness begin!

The archive contains the guide pdf and also links to the necassary files.

Known issues:
As always, should any issues appear, let me know so I can amend them.

As you can see on the image, I didn't do this with the weapon positions, hence the floating rifle.

Credits & Thanks:
Guide made by tromp, Bad Benson and Kiory.

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