Author: Iceman77
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2b

Short description: A WIP role selection menu activated via addaction and/or upon respawn.

Date: 2013-11-10 14:18

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Simple Digital Weapons System


Here's a WIP role selection menu activated via addaction and/or upon respawn. Automatically supports all factions. The loadouts are to my liking, and can be tweaked to any users liking by going into the loadout files and adding or subtracting the desired weapons, magazines and items.

Installation / Usage:
See the included example mission how you can use this in your own missions.

Known issues:
- DWS currently doesn't support mediKits, toolkits or mine detectors (since they aren't universal).These items can be added to the loadout files, however, if a player who's not an engineer, explosive specialist or medic (respectively) chooses the said role, there will be no functionality with the item(s). ie; A rifleman player unit can't use any of the mentioned items, but can possess them.
- Backpacks don't support more than 12 item types. You could have 50 of any item (if they will fit) in the backpack, but not over 12 different item types in the backpack. If that makes any sense.
- Untested outside of quick personal tests. Let me know if any issues arrive.

- Added in a temp solution for players exploiting weapons trading/giving in ranked mode. This disables use of the BIS inventory dialog entirely. Also, using a killed eventhandler to remove units weapons upon death is a good idea, then there is no weapons to be scavenged in any case.

- added rank mode lobby parameter - Allows / disallows weapons restrictions based on player rank. Additionally there is a built in rank system that increases the players rank upon his score (default BIS score for killing units / vehicles). The rate at which rank is gained can also be customized in the DWS_Init.sqf file.
- Create dialog upon mission start
- tweaked loadouts more to my liking
- took out the default image text from a defined base class, therefor getting rid of the white "flash" of picture controls upon the dialog getting rendered.
- Other misc tweaks and fixes - too many too name.

- first release

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- BI forums

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