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Requirements: extDB
Island(s): Altis
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Date: 2014-10-14 06:28

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Altis Life RPG


What is Altis Life? Many of you may be familiar with older life missions from ARMA 2. This comes with some of the basics expected to be in a life mission but built from the ground up from scratch. It features a MySQL back-end saving system for players and vehicles along with some mini-admin functionality (Nothing that allows spawning but to monitor players). This has been in development since the ALPHA and I think it is time that I start letting others host the mission. This originally started as Stratis Life, I got interested in building this when a group of people decided to make one from scratch and I commend them for that but at that time it didn't seem like well... They were ready to build such a system and I thought I could make it better and more robust and so I did. Over the time I lost interest in it and let people from the community in which I coded the mission for start to work on it. For a few they added in some neat new stuff that people really liked but once it came near Altis release / A3 Release I decided to rebuild the system once again to make it better, more modular and all around more stable and I did (somewhat). Sadly there are still parts of the old system I built in the system such as vehicle shops, etc. They are meant to receive a massive overhaul when I find the interest to do them. After a long 6-7 months I have decided to just release the mission so that others may be able to host it for their community and here we are.

* MySQL Back-end player saving and vehicle saving.
* A basis mission template / framework to expand upon
* Economy System / Banking
* Civilian legal and illegal Jobs
* Day & Night Cycle (As always in my missions).
* Other stuff that I wasn't prepared to write.

This comes pretty much as a standard mission except it comes with an addon called @life_server, this file is required to be ran only on the server for it to function. Later on in the future the need for this will be removed as I only used it to keep server-side files away from the public and will be merged into the mission at a later time.

Arma2MySQL is required for the mission to work and without it the mission will NOT WORK and will lock up the server. A database schema is provided in the download called arma3life.sql
You will need basic DBA knowledge to setup the server and manage the SQL side. I will not explain how to do this however I will say a few things about the setup.

1. This was only tested with MySQL Server 5.5 (Strict mode must be disabled).
2. The database / schema MUST BE CALLED arma3life
3. Only basic user permissions are needed (SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,EXECUTE,TRIGGER,EVENT). Anything more and you are at risk of being exploited.

LIMITED help / support will be given with setting up the MySQL side, if you are not willing to put time into reading about MySQL and managing it then stop reading. This mission is NOT a grab and play mission it requires time to setup and good configuration.
The MySQL end supports three player specific things, Cop whitelisting / levels, Admins and donators (for those that want to give back to their members that donate to support their server). The donator thing was never a focus of mine but was wanted by the community I coded it for as a thank you to its members. The Admins part is meant for Admin specific features such as Cellphone reports, global messaging and ability to use a mini-admin menu which allows you to see basic stuff about a user (Money, current gear). The mini-admin panel is not designed for spawning in things.

Configuration / Accepted:
Configuration of NPC placement / etc is allowed via the Map Editor, things that are branded as Seal Team Sloth may be changed (except anything related to crediting,etc). Most of that can be found in Briefing.sqf
Additional configuration can be found in the core/configuration.sqf file or core/config. Item pricing is in \life_server\vars.sqf (That's server-side). Some other configuration variables / files may be scattered but 98% of it is available in the config folder. I never finished standardizing the configuration process because it was never meant to be released.

Notes / Thoughts:
I really wasn't prepared to release this in a neatly made format nor with proper documentation as it was rather unexpected of me to release it. There are a lot of parts of the system that are still buggy and other parts needing to be rewrote (carried from the old system I made for Stratis as a test-bed) but all around the mission functions and has popularity. This release isn't something I expected so soon so therefor I apologize for the bad presentation of it and documentation but I am honestly tired of people asking for it, trying to steal it and buy it off of me and I think this project / mission is one of the reasons why I am losing interest in ARMA and need something new to shift focus towards. Releasing this gives me some sort of relief. Continuous development will be held on Seal Team Sloth (STS) Life Server, when changes meet release standards new versions will be released. Don't go trying to snatch early builds / changes from it, you will be frowned upon.

Altis Life RPG by Tonic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

The reason for the strict agreement is quite simple really. I do not want another Wasteland, I built this from the ground up and I made it the way I wanted it to work. I don't want to see a bazillion spawns from this being distributed everywhere and credits being removed leading to confusion on where this came from and who made it. I want it to be a standardized mission that most servers run that agree to the terms. I accept that people want to modify things and really around pricing and I will allow that but I don't allow distribution and branding name being changed throwing off confusion. I would also like to refer people to: AMAR (Addon Makers For Author’s Rights)

Usage / Terms of agreement:
* The branding of the mission is to stay ‘Altis Life RPG’. This means you cannot modify it to say something else. i.e Atlis Life by YOURCOMMUNITYNAME/TAG. Everything about the naming / branding is to be left untouched.
* Naturally all credit is to remain intact on all files. Author cannot be modified via Description.ext but can be extended in briefing.sqf
* All of my code is not to be used outside of the mission in another ‘Life’ like mission. It is to stay the Altis Life RPG Framework / my framework or you don’t use it and direct branding.
* Some of my code can be used outside of the mission / framework but permission is to be asked first, if no response is received then it is a automatic NO.
* Core configuration is allowed to be modified (i.e Prices and expansion of items / features).
* Features added by you to the mission are to stay to your modification in your server, distribution is not allowed without my permission, if you would like your feature to be added to the Altis Life RPG main distribution (by me) you can submit your changes and will be fully credited.
* This is not be used commercially and is to remain freeware, this includes requiring donations / payment to be able to ‘play’ in your server with this mission. Playability of it is to remain free and open.

The terms are subjected to be changed over time.

The vast majority of the code / framework has been written by me. Any additional code / content used is fully credited and owned by it’s author as well as linked to the authors content (Forums,Media,etc). The additional content used within the framework either has the expressed permission of the content creators permission or was automatically used under the GPU (General Purpose License) from public posting with no usage / TOA / Disclaimer, however they still own the rights to their content. If in any case that content is being used within this mission / framework that the content creator doesn’t wish for it to be used due to my strict TOA / Agreement all you need to do is ask for it to be removed and it will be honored.

Credits & thanks:
Credits & Thanks:
Myself - for the majority of the code
Seal Team Sloth (STS) - for hosting it and putting up with me and its members for feedback
Jaydon & Alan from STS - Various things such as the Escorting system & Cellphone
Kronzky - His String Function Library
mindstorm and Adanteh - Working cop lights on offroads
firefly2442 - For Arma2MySQL
TheAussieButcher from Day0 community for EMS Uniform texture.
Joe90384 code submission for reading turtle pricing from config.
Angrygargamel code submission for small text fixes.
Anyone else that I forgot is credited in whatever file they are responsible for
Itsyuka - My slave for the last 4 months doing changes left and right.
Everyone who has contributed to code changes, bug reports and pull requests on github.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- extDB

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