Beerkan Brit Units by Beerkan
Editing and Scripts

Beerkan released his Brit Units on the BI forums.
Normally you would expect to find news like this under the addons/mods section but Beerkan made these retextures by using scripts only.

    Quote Beerkan :
    Beerkan Brit Units is aimed at mission developers who wish to use the British Uniforms recently introduced from the single player campaign in their missions.
    One of my first DLC purchases for ArmA2 was the BAF Mod, which I miss not being available for ArmA3.
    Until BI release a new DLC with BAF uniforms I wanted to see if I could play using the ingame British (CTRG) uniforms.

    Of course I am aware there is now a MOD available that does this, (see Arma-Verse-British-Armed-Forces). But you don't have to install a mod just to use the new Brit Uniforms as they're already in the game.
    So I came up with an alternative, which hopefully uses a much simpler method and which will work with any mission and uses proper British voices for complete authenticity. This method should also be fully multiplayer compatible.

    Basically what I am doing is using the default US BLUFOR units and setting an init to replace their uniform with a bespoke British uniform configured from a script and set the unit to use a British voice.
    I've also configured the unit to be able to respawn with the same British uniform, voice and loadout, if you choose to allow respawns in your mission.

Written on 2013-11-09 08:28 by Beerkan  

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