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Short description: This is a workflow tutorial with example files for making character animations in Blender (a free program) and importing them into Arma 3.

Date: 2013-11-09 20:54

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Blender animation Rig and Tutorial


This is a workflow tutorial with example files for making character animations in Blender (a free program) and importing them into Arma 3.
I have gotten this as far as I could, from Blender to game in 5 minutes its a miracle.

So I made a rig for Arma 3 however I did not add any IK yet because I only learned blender last week the rig is not complete as described below.
A: I am only just learning and I want really to put out the naked skeleton so better people can add them
B: I simply dont understand BIS relation between Spine and Weapon and how in game the move with the Hand
If anyone here knows that would be great i will put Blender File here , you will notice i have Bis own reffrence in the back these gave me tips what is connected to what and things but i couldnt quite see the weapon thing .

Installation / Usage:
1 set 0 frame center and press I to insert keyframe:
    - to center in pose mode
    - Press alt G to zero moves
    - Press alt R to zero rotations
    - Press alt S to zero scalings
2 on frame 1 Move the whole skeleton (and model if you have skinned model) to floor level
3 make your frames as you will and your animations
4 Select all bones
5 export .BVH and select euler native and check the box root transform only
6 Open o2 prefferably with bis sample chracter in res lod 1 and nothing in res lod 2
7 click on reslod 2 and click file > import >biovision hirearch or .bvh
8 click exclude termintaors
9 keep scale a 0.1
10 check Z is top and Invert Z Box
11 import
12 check all frames are good and right click any frame in the rtm window
13 click Autotime 1.0 ( not always necessary but good practice)
14 if asked choose Pelvis as rootbone
15 goto Res lod 1 and open the rtm on the Bis example character to test the rtm
16 config as necessary
17 happy rtms

This is for Arma 3 (skeleton needs Camerabone but I never added bacuase I always felt the game uses this from the memory LOD ?)

Ik controls:
GRFQ_SYSTEM added Ik controls for some bones and added a mesh that is weighted to the skeleton for those that like to see the model tranform when animationg.
Here is the .blend file: Ik controls blend file
I wasn't able to lock the shoulder movement, so people need to look if the sholder is twisted and correct in directly on the shoulder bones.
The bones now have custom shapes.
The ik and the custom shapes are made in regards of this tutorial:

Auto IK refers to the pelvis, wich makes it hard to move the whole model upwards, resulting in a painful looking salto.
it is currently enabled since it helps moving the arms, but to move the whole character it should be disabled.


I would ask that if anyone does use this and complete the task of IK and find a good way to get the Weapon to Hand corolation please update here and Share, after all thats why this game exists at all.

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A3skeleton P3d
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Blender files
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Credits & Thanks:
This is Arma3 Blender animation files by DeanosBeano
Sanctuary for years of helping me with Ofpanim and inspiring me to get off that programme finally
Macser who is also on the same path
Kiory, Thromp and Bad Benson for annoying me in Skype about my shit anims

- updated wong parent bone for spine

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