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In this weeks wip report we feature 13 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 3 - Belgian Army

    Arokfridr started working on his Belgian military project. These units will fit into the fictional Arma-verse while their initial setup is with todays reality.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - French Intervention Forces

Arma 3 - Hellenic Armed Forces MOD

    Aplion released a wip screen of the A-7H Corsair II cockpit textures which he is reworking. Almost all gauges are working as well.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Bovington testing grounds Dorset

    SmokeDog3PARA started working on a a new map, the Bovington testing grounds.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Bering Sea Project

    PrivateEvans released some screens made during testing an early wip version of his Bering Sea maps.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Global Crime Suppresion Unit "Hunters"

    Tejkr has been working on his Global Crime Suppresion Unit "Hunters" addon and would like to have some people test his work before releasing it.

      Quote Tejkr :
      I'm working on a little addon. It's independent side special police unit. My plans are quite bigg and this is just a first part of my mod, where I was actually familiarizing with config.
      Security Intervention Team contains nine different units (Leader, Soldier, Agent, Medic, UAV Operator, Sniper, Spotter and Pilot), reskinned Hummingbird and Pawnee (both in digital black and digital huntcam), bunch of new clothes, Altis-urban ghillie, some headgear, vests, black Mk20, digi black Greyhawk UAV, huntcam Darter UAV and few other bits.

      Now, before I release the addon and pass to the next part of my mod, I want it to be alright. I need some volunteers.
      Just send me PM or post here or something and I will send you this 42,4Mb addon on mediafire, so you can try it, look for bugs, textures and everything I overlooked.
      Because when you doing something alone, you loose your focus and objectivity. All I want is a simple really short report.

    - BI forums

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Arma 3 - The New York City Project

    Bracer released some new screens and a video showing the latest additions to his building pack.

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - Design mastery weapons

    Hogthar posted some screens of the 3D scope, IR and lamp on the default weapons which he is working on.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Invasion 1944

    SFG posted some more wip screens on the BI forums. Also a few images of the ZF41 scope by Guy123 .

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - COD-Like Units addon

    G00d69 informed the community he is working on some units inspired from the characters of the "Call Of Duty" game serie.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Canadian Armed Forces Modification

    Ohally posted a small update about the upcoming version on the BI forums.

      Quote Ohally :
      Here's a quick insight into the next update:
      • CH-146 Griffon Helicopter in at least 2 variants including MED EVAC
      • Camouflaged weapons (C8, C9) in Woodland, Arid, Arctic
      • New vest textures for the Chest Rig
      • RCAF flight suits and gear
      • Across the board config tweaks and fixes
      • Permission has been given for "Hidden Identities" it will become a required addon.
      • SF Baseball Cap with Flag

      There's more in the works for the release, thats just the confirmed content.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - JSRS2.0

    LordJarhead released a new video in which you can hear the latest version of his JSRS2.0 soundmod while playing the Arma 3 campaign "Survive". Keep in mind this video can contain spoilers for those who have not played the campaign yet!

    - BI forums

Arma 2 - The Unsung Vietnam War Mod

    Hcpookie posted a new teaser screen on the Bi forums, this time showing you correct positioning is sometimes a good idea!

    - BI forums

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