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Version: Alpha

Short description: A fully functional armoury template and showcase.

Date: 2013-11-11 19:02

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Stratis Armoury Template


This is a fully functional armoury template. As well as the template itself, there is a showcase mission, complete with custom User Textures and audio dialogue.

- A working armoury.
- Custom User Textures.
- Audio dialogue.
- Showcase mission.
- Customisable notice board.
- Faithfully set in the Armaverse, a few months before 'Survive'.

Simply download the Armoury Template and put it in your mission folder. To use the clean template, extract it from the showcase and do the same. To use the customisable notice board, see the readme file.

Included files:
Armoury Template / Armoury Template Showcase

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to Tonic for his Virtual Ammo System and Andrew Mooney for his voice recordings. For a full list of credits, see in-game 'Credits' and 'Additional Credits'.

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- BI Forums

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