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Version: 2013-09-02

Short description: This is a colorful Hummingbird texture you can use with setObjectTexture.

Date: 2013-11-13 21:41

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T.C.'s Hummingbird


This is a colorful Hummingbird texture I want to share with you. It might look familiar.
This is just a texture for the Hummingbird. This is not an addon.
In order to use it you either have to rely on setObjectTexture (see below) or create your own addon.

Installation / Usage:
1- Open the mission editor, place a Hummingbird on the map and save the mission.
2- Copy the texture to the mission folder.
3- Put the following code in the Initialization field of the Hummingbird:
this setObjectTexture [0, "heli_light_01_ext_magnum_co.paa"];
this animate ["addDoors",1];
this animate ["addBackseats",1];
this animate ["addTread",0];
this animate ["addBenches",0];
this animate ["addCivilian_hide",1];
{ this lockCargo [_x, true] } forEach [2,3,4,5];

Credits & Thanks:
It's based on BI's textures.

- Minor improvements, e.g. colored the black "eyebrow" above the doors

- Added kylania's code to the instructions above

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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