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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 27/01/2014

Short description: Script adds every unit additional repair action for damaged vehicles

Date: 2014-01-27 15:39

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Realistic repair script


I want to share field repair script which we using in our TvT games and which I believe adds additional realism to the game. It add every unit additional ability to field repair heavy damaged vehicle to "Yellow" state. Repair takes 40-400 seconds (depends on number of heavy damaged parts) and requires dispensable ToolKit in backpack or in vehicle cargo, this kit dissapears after the repair. But you can repair vehicle first time without ToolKit, this simulates spare parts set which always exists on every military vehicle.
Repair trucks could repair 5 times and each repair lasts 180 sec.

Installation / Usage:
Just copy zlt_fieldrepair.sqf file into your mission folder in:
Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\{YOUR ARMA PROFILE NMAE}\MPMissions
Put in yoyr init.sqf string:
[] execVM "zlt_fieldrepair.sqf";
or if you use dynamically created repair trucks in your mission:
[true] execVM "zlt_fieldrepair.sqf";

Current limitations::
You should not use Engineer or Repair Specialist classes when using this script, because it doesnt remove vanilla repair actions from their menus and they still will be able to repair vehicles for 1 second.

- Bugfixes, reduced repair times to 30 secs. for each damaged part and 120 secs. fr repair truck

- Player respawn support.

- "Repair interrupted" should be completely fixed now.

- Hotfix for "Repair interrupted" problem.

- Repair time depends now from vehicle damage level, repair lasts from (40 sec - 1 broken wheel) to 400 sec. Minor bugfixes.

- Support for dynamically created vehicles but repair trucks.

- Several bugfixes regarding working on dedicated MP server.

- Added support for repair tracks.

- Fixed minor bugs
- Added support for repair tracks

- All files integrated into one script. Installation and use greatly simplificated.
- Now it repairs only wheels, Engine and Tracks.

- first release

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