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Version: 0.8

Short description: Selectable and Random Weather script for SP/MP Missions

Date: 2013-11-19 04:58

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Random Weather


This version is no longer supported, please use this instead: randomWeather2 Script

A simple/single script that allows you to add random weather for any SP/MP mission with the capability for players to choose initial weather settings.

- Server will create weather forecasts every 15 minutes and synchronize with clients.
- Parameters available to change initial weather settings.
- Demo Mission available to show weather in action.

Installation / Usage:
1- Copy the 'randomWeather.sqf' file into the root of your mission folder.
2- Add the following to your init.sqf so it will run on the server and all clients:
execVM "randomWeather.sqf";
3- Add a 'parameter' in your description.ext file to the 'class Params' section:
class Params
	// paramsArray[0]
       class initialWeather {
          title = "Starting Weather";
          values[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7};
          texts[] = {"Clear","Overcast","Light Rain","Heavy Rain","Light Fog","Heavy Fog","Random"};
          default = 7;

|Note: If you have multiple parameters in your class Params section and you do not put initialWeather as the first parameter, you must update Line 33 in your randomWeather.sqf file "initialWeather = (paramsArray select 0);" to 'select' the correct parameter number. So if your initialWeather parameter is first in the class Params section, the default "initialWeather = (paramsArray select 0);" will work. If it is second in the list of class Params you'd need to change it "initialWeather = (paramsArray select 1);" and so on. For more information on Parameters, please see the description.ext biki

Credits & Thanks:
- Everyone on the BIS forums for the support and encouragement to figure out the A3 weather.

- Public Release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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