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Version: 1.0

Short description: The script cleans nearly every object, that could clutter up the map over the course of your mission.

Date: 2013-11-23 20:54

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PVPFW - Object Cleanup Script


Decided to make the cleanup script, that we use in the PvP-Framework (pvpfw) of our missions, available for everyone who might find it useful.
The script takes care of nearly every object, that could clutter up the map over the course of your mission.
You can specify which objects you want cleaned up and under what conditions they should be removed.

Wrecks and weaponholders for example are only removed if no unit is in their proximity for a certain amount of time.
It also means, that if you use an object as cover, it wont disappear unexpectedly and leave you exposed.

The script can clean up:
  • Bodies
  • Dead vehicles
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Weapon holders (weapons/magazines) on the ground
  • Remains of buildings, that were destroyed during the mission
  • Chemlights (or any ammoType, that is kindOf "smokeshell"), (can shorten their default max duration of 900 seconds)
  • Remotely detonated explosives, that have not been activated for a certain amount of time
  • Objects, that fulfill your own custom condition according to the scripts configuration file

Installation / Usage:
The "config.sqf" file in the module_cleanup folder lets you modify several variables according to your preference or mission requirements.
You can adjust the cleanup delay and the radius around ojects, that has to be clear of other units, or enable/disable whole parts of the script.

In addition to the listed default cases, you can also specify your own custom conditions and actions.
(For example deleting a wreck instantly, if it is inside a predefined area, that has to stay clear of objects)

To make use of the script, just copy the "module_performance" folder into your mission and add this line to your missions init.sqf. (By default everyone but the server will exit the script immediately):
[] execVM "module_performance\init.sqf";

In addition to the cleanup script, there is also another module in the main folder, that you can optionally activate by uncommenting the line:
[] execVM "module_performance\module_monitor\init.sqf";
The monitor module, will keep track of the servers long term performance and has the option to show it's info to every connected player via a *marker on the lower left corner of the map*. (more than 50fps, as the screenshot was taken in the editor)

Before the end of a mission you can call a function to log the results to your servers RPT file:
[] call pvpfw_perf_monitorResultsToRPT;

- first release

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