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Version: 0.1

Short description: Creates custom ammo crates and gear presets

Date: 2013-11-25 10:03

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Ammo Crate and Loadout presets


This script creates custom ammo crates and gear presets

Installation / Usage:
Complied from various scripts i've made in the past due to there being no similar scripts out there are are easy to edit.
To add to a box add the following to the init:
this allowdamage false;  this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Team Leader/Grenadier</t>", "loadouts\TLGrenadier.sqf"]; _ammo = [] execVM "equipmentbox.sqf";
To change the boxes contents edit the file 'equipmentbox.sqf' in the missions root directory.
To change the loadouts edit the files contained in the missions folder 'loadouts', each file is named after it's respective loadout, to add new loadouts to the crate add another line:
this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>LOADOUT NAME TO APPEAR/Grenadier</t>", "loadouts\LOADOUT NAME.sqf"]

Currently the loadouts do not use glasses however if you wish to overwrite a players glasses add to the loadouts file
player addGoggles "CLASS"; player assignItem "CLASS";[code/]
Where 'CLASS' is the classname of the googles such as 'G_Combat' for combat goggles.

- first release

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