Week Report #3
Work in progress

* Army of the Czecho-Slovak

    This is a mod about WWII period - Czecho-Slovak Army. The mod is progressing quickly, but we need 3d/2d artist and map-makers. In this mod you can play as Czech or Slovak, maybe as Freikoprs - German civil forces. The mod will include two campaigns - One based on true events, the other one fictiv.
    3-acs27.jpg 3-acs28.jpg 3-acs29.jpg 3-acs30.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - Army of the Czecho-Slovak website
    - BIS forums

* FFAA Mod: Spanish Armed Forces

    Two years ago GEI_Lobo and Flaber(from the 13 tigersharks) began a project to bring the Spanish Armed forces to OFP game, after its release in October 2005 its sequel started, its aim was to increase the model realism almost starting from scratch, this project saw the light one month ago
    3-ffaa-25.jpg 3-ffaa-26.jpg 3-ffaa-28.jpg 3-ffaa-30.jpg 3-ffaa-32.jpg

    3-ffaa-33.jpg 3-ffaa-36.jpg 3-ffaa-37.jpg 3-ffaa-39.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - FFAA Mod Website

* Italian Soldiers

    Rebus has started a interesting project working on the Italian army. He is cooperating with Robert Hammer, Aimpoint and Arremba San Zorzo to achieve the best result which will feature new textures with normalmaps, new weapons from both Italy and the West.
    Some new screens released by RobertHammer:

    - Armaholic Forums
    - BIS Forums

* Bush Wars Mod

* Iraq Modern Warfare Mod (IMWM)

* Fromz Chinese Special Forces

    Fromz has now introduced his next project. It will feature new unit models and weapon models based on the Chinese Special Forces.
    3-fromz_01.jpg 3-fromz_03.jpg 3-fromz_04.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - BIS Forums

Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.

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