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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.1 (20140307)

Date: 2014-03-08 06:53

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Patrol Operations 3


Patrol Operations is a dynamic, random mission series that is great for both mass public play and clan tactical gaming.
Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately.

  • AI Movement
      - Ambushing positions
      - Defending positions including occupation of static defenses and nearby buildings
      - Randomly Patrolling Areas increasing likelihood off flanking attacks
  • HUD
      - In-game Visual Settings adjustment for View Distances and Terrain Detail
      - Active 3D Hud showing Squad Details
      - Assigned Colours also linked into ShackTac's HUD (ST_HUD Not Required)
      - 3D Hud use linked to the requirement of AR equipment such as Tactical Goggles and Pilot Helmets
      - Progress Bars displays status from task completion to Unit Healing
      - Unit Tracking and Squad member icons track your squad movements
  • Ambient Weather Cycle (thanks to MeatBall)
  • Base protection from players firing at base
  • Map based Redeployment on killed or from base flag
      - HALO Redeploy options for Server Admin
      - Rallypoints allowing Redeployment to the field
  • Alternate Injury system improving damage handling and injured/critical states
      - Dragging injured to cover
      - Providing tactical assistance to get the injured up and moving again
  • Load-out management through Customised Ammoboxes based on assigned role (Overridden if VAS is chosen instead)
      - Optional use of Virutal Ammobox System by Tonic
  • Logistics system allowing
      - Lift choppers capable of lifting lighter vehicles and supply boxes
      - Air Drop from lift choppers, ascend > 100m height to air-drop your load instead of landing in a HOT LZ
      - Drop Illumination Flares from Lift-choppers if >100m height
      - Create Supply boxes for infantry at supply points and airlift them to the front-line or load them on the back of trucks
      - Vehicle Towing by Large Trucks and CRVs
      - Loading allows tanks and shipping containers to be loaded onto trucks for faster deployment
      - Vehicle Resupply will repair, rearm and refuel your vehicle from supply points and supply vehicles
      - Multi-rotor UAV operators can replace batteries (refuel) in the field when landed
  • Squad Management System (Admins Override all functions)
      - Team leaders can name their squad
      - Team leaders can assign roles to squad members such as AT,MG,Sniper which will affect their ammo-box load-outs
      - Team leaders can assign other members to their squads and elect squad leaders
      - Admins can replace a team leader by assigning other members as team leaders.
  • Advanced Taskmaster System (Shuko)
  • Deaths Limitation with Spectator (Server Mission Parameters)
  • ACRE Natively supported (adds radios to boxes and creates retrans towers around island automatically when mod detected)
  • Headless Client AutoDetection
  • 7 Language Localization Supported

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

  • Patrol Tasks
  • Defend Tasks
  • Destroy Tasks
  • Delivery / Escort Tasks
  • Sea Based Tasks
  • Rescue Tasks
  • Capture Tasks

  • Official versions:
  • Altis: Nato Vs CSAT
  • Altis: CSAT Vs NATO
  • Altis: AAF Vs NATO
  • More may be added after initial release as PO3 is designed to be really easy to port and include additional mods.

    Legal disclaimer:
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      Modify — to adapt the work

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      Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
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      The author's moral rights;
      Rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights.
      Notice — For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

    Supported Languages:
    - German submitted by Senshi
    - English submitted by Roy86
    - French submitted by GranolaBar
    - Polish submitted by Rydgier
    - Portuguese submitted by Caico1983
    - Spanish submitted by BIG (Armaholic)
    - (WIP) Czech

    v3.1 (20140307)
  • [ADDED]: Research vessel distress mission a bit underwhelming
  • [ADDED]: Team players cannot carry support ammo for qualified role specialists (E.g AT rounds and MG Mags)
  • [ADDED]: Designated Headless Client slot
  • [ADDED]: Support units should be repair specialists
  • [ADDED]: AI Re-enforce objectives via Helo Insertion
  • [ADDED]: new all role class for small team
  • [ADDED]: Task Force Arrowhead Radio Support
  • [ADDED]: IGIload Logistics
  • [ADDED]: Replaced Existing Injury system with tweaked version of Arma 3 wounding system by [TcB]-Psycho-
  • [FIXED]: "Cancel First Aid" causes instant revive
  • [FIXED]: Vehicles are despawned too aggressively
  • [FIXED]: Defend Military Base mission not spawning enemies
  • [FIXED]: Downed players are invincible
  • [FIXED]: No supplies to pick up for "Town needs urgent supplies" task
  • [FIXED]: Capture officer mission does not complete once prisoner is returned
  • [FIXED]: "Ambient ground patrols" very scarce or non-existent?
  • [FIXED]: Dynamic Weather is not synchronized between clients
  • [FIXED]: AAF Return Point does not align to the Faction Side
  • [FIXED]: Rallypoint Removal at base not working
  • [FIXED]: Defend Missions have miss-aligned success criteria resulting in very high chance of fail despite actually succeeding.
  • [FIXED]: Squad leader resets after a new squadmember joins
  • [FIXED]: Team-leaders cannot assign roles or move members unless logged in as Admin
  • [FIXED]: Initiating "Assist" function when on static objects (rocks, buildings) causes you to fall-teleport through them
  • [FIXED]: Base grieving with explosives works perfectly
  • [FIXED]: Dragging players from the "crouched" stance not possible
  • [FIXED]: "Stop shooting at base" message is displayed to all players
  • [FIXED]: Medics unable to treat downed players
  • [FIXED]: Recover UAV mission: AI vehicles and the UAV
  • [FIXED]: VAS Saved loadouts available across every side
  • [FIXED]: Respawning in via halo results in reverting back to default gear
  • [FIXED]: helicopter explosions at base
  • [FIXED]: Spawned containers at the return point
  • [FIXED]: LaserBatteries Missing from VAS Crate
  • [FIXED]: Losing Group Leadership to JIP
  • [FIXED]: Cutscene start is delayed too long
  • [FIXED]: Headless Client ability to take control of AI is not consistent
  • [FIXED]: 3D Hud Altitude using visibleposition returns 0 altitude
  • [FIXED]: "Deploy Comm Tower" enemy waves spawn too close
  • [ADDED]: Capture Vehicle mission has closer optional return point
  • [REMOVED]: Repair Airfield and Sea Based Mission after game-play review

  • Credits & thanks:
    Online Combat Battalion Australia (, their support and testing has been vital to the success.
    - [OCB]Dash for Code, Inspiration and Effort in helping development
    - Bohemia Interactive Studios for the Arma Series, code and functions
    - BON_Inf for Code and Inspiration from his missions and scripts
    - Shuko for Code and Inspiration from his awesome Task System and Position Scripts
    - KillZoneKid for Code and Inspiration from his tutorials
    - Kegety for his spectator scripting
    - XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination and setting such a high standard
    - R3F for Inspiration from their Arma 2 Logistics Scripts
    - Tonic for the Virtual Ammobox System
    - Tajin for the Helmet Camera Scripting
    - aeroson for his detailed loadout scripts
    - cobra4v320 for his HALO scripting
    - Kronzky for his string function library
    - SaMatra for help with UI Resources
    - Dslyecxi for his Paper doll giving insight on how to detect item types.
    - Any and All ArmA community members for support, inspiration and solutions that have helped build this

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    - OCB forums

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