Author: Zigomarvin
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.3

Short description: Allow you to get in/out of a CH-49 by the cargo ramp.

Date: 2014-05-04 11:26

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Usable cargo ramp for CH-49 Mohawk


what pilot and copilot can do:
- set cargo ramp in 4 positions: open, sligthly open, drop position and open.
- turn on some lights or play some sounds to indicate to the crew in the back that it's time to jump.

what soldiers in the back can do:
- if the cargo ramp is in open position they can get in or get out (below 40 m and 50k m/h).
- if the cargo ramp is in drop position they can jump (above 100 m).
- they can get out to the left side (the défault action always eject you to the right side).

Installation / Usage:
1. Download the script archive.
2. If you are already using an older version of this script, remove the "usableCargoRamp" folder which is in "scripts" folder.
3. Copy/paste the "scripts" folder in your mission root.
4. Open the description.ext and copy the CfgSounds class in your mission description.ext
5. Put this in initialization field of a CH-49 mohawk, this line has changed since the last released version:
_n = [this] execVM "scripts\usableCargoRamp\usableCargoRamp.sqf"

- New cargo ramp positions: closed, slightly open, drop position, open.
- Pilot and copilot can turn on lights of colours or play audio signals in the cargo compartment.
- You can get out to the left side.

- New system (no longer ammo box, all in one file, less bugs (maybe no more)...).

- FIXED: script wasn't starting correctly when server had many things to load.
- FIXED: "get out" action is not removed anymore when the chopper get full.
- Added some priorities in actions.

- release

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- BI forums

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