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Version: 1.2

Short description: Spawn a random group that patrols an area.

Date: 2013-12-07 22:04

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Simple Patrol Script


Here's a simple script that generates a random patrol at a given marker. For each side, there is ~25+ group types in the overall pool. Out of those, one will be chosen. It does not cache AI.
The possible group types are infantry, motorized & mechanized.

How It Works:
- Spawn in a random group type and have then either A.) patrol the area OR B.) Have them move to a defined marker and engage targets.
- The user can very easily create waves of enemies with this script.
-The group can be anything from a 2 man sniper team, a 4 man fire team of a sort, an entire infantry squad of a sort, ... or maybe a fire team OR inf squad supported by some kind of wheeled or mechanized vehicle. These are just some examples, but there are alot of possibilities and you simply wont know what you're about to run into or get attacked by.
-There is no body deletion as found in "simple reinforcements". Users must utilize their own body delete scripts.

Installation / Usage:
In your init.sqf add:
call compile preProcessFile "grpSpawn.sqf";
Spawn an west group with patrol mode & cycle mode disabled, group will move to marker pos.
[WEST, "spawnMarker1", "moveMarker1", false, false, true] call TAG_Grp_Spawn;
Spawn an east group with patrol mode & cycle mode enabled.
[EAST, "spawnMarker1", nil, true, true, true] call TAG_Grp_Spawn;
Spawn an independent group with patrol mode & debug mode disabled but with cycle mode enabled.
[RESISTANCE, "spawnMarker1", "moveMarker1", false, true, false] call TAG_Grp_Spawn;

_this select 0: <side> >> Side of the group to spawn (WEST, EAST, RESISTANCE)
_this select 1: <string> >> Marker Name (Spawn Position)
_this select 2: <string> >> Marker Name (Move Position - for SAD Mode Only, else define as nil)
_this select 3: <bool> >> Patrol Mode (true = enabled, false = Seek & destroy mode)
_this select 4: <bool> >> Cycle Mode (true = respawn the group, false = don't respawn the group)
_this select 5: <bool> >> Debug Mode (true = enable debug mode, false = disable debug mode)

patrol mode disabled, group will move to marker pos
[WEST, "spawnMarker", "moveMarker", false, true, true] call TAG_Grp_Spawn;
patrol mode enabled, group will patrol the area they spawn at
[WEST, "spawnMarker", nil, true, true, true] call TAG_Grp_Spawn;

- Hot Fixed missing argument in cycle mode spawn

- added SAD mode

- release

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