Admin Menu for training servers by Fusion13
Editing and Scripts

Fusion13 released an updated version of his Admin Menu for training servers script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Fusion13 :
    These are a couple of quick scripts for use in training servers etc.
    What this consist of "God Mode", "All Vehicles", "All Weapons", "Teleport", "Heal Self", "Heal Other Players", "Tp To Me" and "Spawn AI soldiers".

    I made this "quickly" this is for server side execution only, this is a addAction menu meaning, once the UID is entered into it, once you join the server you will be able to scroll and see an action called "Tools" this will then prompt a menu when clicked that is always activated when scrolled.

    • Added Spawn Players OnMap click, (OpFor, BluFor)
    • Added Teleport to me Function.

Written on 2013-12-08 22:39 by Fusion13  

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