MH9 Advanced Actions by TittErS updated
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TittErS released an updated version of his MH9 Advanced Actions script on the BI forums.
This script adds additional actions to the MH9 and lets you customize it.

    Quote TittErS :
    This script is used for the MH9 (unarmed). It allows you to add actions for:
    - Get in on the benches directly
    - Pilot control bench (up/down).

    It allows also easy customizing of the MH9:
    - Remove the benches
    - Lock only the benches
    - Spawn with the benches up
    - Add doors (version dev only)
    - Add Flir (version dev only)
    - Remove the tread
    - Change the texture easily

    • Bug Fix: error MH9AA_STR_BENCH_UP_French or MH9AA_STR_BENCH_DOWN_French

Written on 2013-12-09 08:25 by TittErS  

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