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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-11-20 07:53

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UAV Management

These are a set of scripts for a UAV management, like a preview before M/RQ-1 Predator addon is released.

- Demo mission - this SP mission needs for playing QG datadisc
- Core Data - feel free to use this files for your editing
- AddOn - Ground Control Mobile Reception Unit for receiving data from UAV
- UAV_Operating_manal_ENG - manual for MRU

    1) Copy all files and directory EMSI_Data from zip archive to your mission directory. Beware to description.ext and stringtable.csv files.
    2) Create your soldier (player) which want to be connected during mission with UAV.
    3) Create UAV (or another plane) with name �predator�.
    � if you want, place a UAV directly waiting on taxiway and remove him fuel or if you want it direct in flight set him �In Flight� option.
    4) Place an MRU addon (or any car, object etc.) with name �mru� anywhere you want.
    5) If you use your own MRU unit like for example any car, create around this object cycled trigger with activating to unit (player) for launching an MRU display with command
    [] exec �EMSI_Data\EMSI_UAV_console.sqs�
    in activation field.
    6) If you have an UAV in group then you not need to set any WPs, but if you are alone (without UAV in group), set him few WPs to and over target recon area.
    7) Save mission and try.

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to:
Sirglider � for many inspirations from his Ranger UAV (with MRU) and help with some scripts
Str � for his core UAV camera display and a lot of help with everything
Je�uro � for his core Grid script (GPS coordinates)
Kegetys � for his core manual camera view from FDF Mod
Spooner � for his small direction location script

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