Author: EricJ
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: RC95
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds many different weapons in different versions.

Date: 2020-05-06 16:44

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EricJ Weapons Pack


This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.
For a detailed list please view the EricJ Weapons Pack readme.

To install EricJ Weapons Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Classnames can be found in the EricJ Weapons Pack readme.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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By design this mod is not designed for VBS3. However, I do not have any issue using this within that program at all but it should be stressed that there currently will not be any support if used in VBS3 as I currently do not use that program.
It should be noted that these files fall under the A2SM_Data_APL pack from BIS available on and the majority of files and textures came from those packs.

Credits & Thanks:
- Corporal_Lib

- J-SERE (part of the JIC)
- Banky (also some config help as well)
- Blackwater13
- Serjames (for config help)
- GDSN (for config help)
- Gatordev for AI weapons testing and reference pictures for the KAC 600m sights as well as
SME help with various things.
- Nanucq from Team R3F for the Safety feature
- Robalo for squaring away my config for ASDG Joint Rails
- Blackwater13 for reference photos for the Ultimax 100
- Adyb234 (from DeviantArt) for letting me use his Multicam texture.
- Revo for the AT4 script.
- Warlord554 for various models and textures and SME help

See included readme.

- Fixed a missing texture on the Barrett M468

RC94.33 (15 feb om 1:53)
- Added values per the new ASDG mounting system via CBA
- Fixed the Ultimax Mk3 magazine proxy position
- Removed chat message spam when using the IR laser during the day (thanks to Incener)

- Fixed Mk12 SPR magazines, now shows correct type of round instead of just "Ball"
- Reduced max zero of the SRS to 1100m
- Fixed the MRAD sight
- Requires game version 1.94
- The HK418 now has the Dynamic Weapon Magazine system, incorporates the new magazines for the AK12
- The RPG-7VL has the correct rocket body
- Increased damage of the PG-7VL rocket to match that of the Apex RPG-7
- Fixed the M70A1 iron sights
- Removed the Golden Eagles Infantry Squad from the OPFOR side, now only stays in the Independent side

- Added a desert version of the M16A4
- Fixed the hiddenselections on the M16A4/M203 Custom
- Renamed the M16A4 Custom M203 to M16A4/M203 Custom
- Added a desert version of the M16A4/M203 Custom
- Requires game version 1.92
- Fixed the Initiative Gunner weapon, replacing the old Ultimax with the new Dynamic Magazine version
- SCAR 6.5CL and EGLM variant now uses MX specific 30 round magazines
- AA-12 Tactical has its own recoil value
- Tweaked the Barrett M107 Desert texture
- Fixed the shadow on the Barrett M107
- Added a Desert version of the M103
- Adjusted the hiddenselections on the Barrett M107 and M103
- Fixed the PG-7VL rocket for the RPG, now shows when loaded

- MCR-S has its own sound now as well as revamped AI settings
- Fixed error message for the MCR-S
- Fixed the Raven Security Light MG unit, replaced the removed weapon with an M4A1
- Fixed the Raven Combat Instructor uniform path
- Added a Snow camoed Covert SRS
- Fixed the inventory icon for the SCAR-L/Masterkey
- Replaced the non-existent Walther P99 with P07 handguns on Raven PMC units
- M4A1 CQBR can use 30-round, 60-round, 100-round, and 150-round magazines
- Fixed the shadows on the M27s
- Fixed the ammo belt on the PKM Tactical
- Added Desert C-Mags for the M4s
- Fixed some magazine entries and unified some entries as well
- Added Desert C-Mags for the M8 Carbine PMC
- Added Desert C-Mags for the SCAR-Ls
- Added Desert C-Mags for the HK416s
- Adjusted the AI settings for the AA-12
- Fixed the SCAR-P and SCAR-P SD positions for the hand anim
- Added STANAG magazines for the M4s
- Added STANAG magazines for the M27s
- Added STANAG magazines for the HK416s
- Added PMAGs to the M16s, both regular and Desert
- Fixed the TF Black Marksman, giving him an Mk12 SPR (Desert) in place of the missing M14 EBR
- Fixed the JTAC ASIP Ruck for the TF Black JTAC
- Mk12 SPR now has Dynamic Magazines setup for it
- Tweaked Mk12 SPR textures, both normal and Desert
- Fixed the ballistics on the SPR, now is matched for an 18-inch barrel instead of for a 20-inch barrel
- The Masadas (with the exception of the Masada 6.8) now have Dynamic Magazine System in place

- Fixed reload animations with magazines for the Dynamic Magazine system
- Removed non-Dynamic magazine shadows from Ultimaxes
- Magpul PMAGs are animated, rounds now disappear when weapon is fired
- Added an M16A4 Custom M203 to the pack and has the same options in magazines as the M16A4
- HK416s now can use a 100-round Beta C-Mag
- Added a desert colored Mk12 SPR
- Fixed an inventory icon
- Updated and added inventory icons for some gear
- Added a desert version of the Beta C-Mag for the M27 IAR

- Added BIS Sand 5.56 magazines to appropriate weapons
- M27 IAR Desert C-Mag renamed to M27 IAR Desert Custom, classname remains the same
- Adjusted some hiddenselections on various weapon models
- Updated readme for all the changes that have been made
- M16A4 Custom has options for 30-round, 60-round, 100-round, and 150-round drum magazines
- Fixed the SCAR-L Masterkey
- Added Black magazines for the SCAR-Ls and the SCAR-H
- Utlimax Mk5, and Mk5 Short have options for 100-round, 150-round, and 30-round magazines
- Modified the Ultimax 100 Mk3 for the Dynamic Magazine system, using 30-round, 100-round, and 150-round magazines. Note that one version was removed
- AKMs and the HK418 can use BIS magazines

- Fixed positions of BIS magazines, so they look right on the appropriate weapons, however some magazines clip (particularly the 150 round drum magazine, and I'm not fighting a losing battle to get it right).
- M4, M27, SCAR-L, and M8 can use the 150 round drum magazine as used on the SPAR-16
- Added desert PMAGs to the lineup

- Fixed the Glock 45CL when the slide sits to the rear, geometries don't "hold on" to the barrel.
- Readjusted the camo setting so the barrel is universal grey despite texture on the GLock MHS.
- Fixed an HK416 inventory icon
- Removed LSW and 60-round weapon variants due to using Dynamic Magazines
- M27 IAR (both versions) has option for 30-round and also 100 round Beta C-Mags
- M4s have options for 30-round, 60-round magazines, and 100-round Beta C-Mags
- HK416s have options for 30-round and 60-round magazines
- SCAR-L has options for 30-round, 60-round, and 100-round Beta C-Mags
- Some SCAR-Hs have options for 20-round, and 50-round magazines
- M8 Carbine PMC has options for 30-round and 100 round Beta C-Mag
- M4 CQBR has 30-round and 60-round magazines
- KNOWN ISSUE: BIS 30-round mags unintentionally clip through the weapon model. This is an issue I cannot fix myself, maybe BIS will fix their mags

- Fixed the sound configuration for a lot of weapons, now has full sound
- Put the AA-12 back in the listing
- Fixed the AA-12 sounds so it doesn't sound like an HK416

- Added black versions of SCARs
- Fixed Hiddenselections on the SCAR STD CS
- Fixed the SCAR-H (CS), now loads the proper magazines and inherits from the proper weapon class
- Added a black EGLM texture
- SCAR-P SD now shoots suppressed sounds only
- Requires Game version 1.64
- Added a Black River PMC LMG unit
- Added a Desert Tech Covert SRS in .338 Lapua, has a five round magazine and the round used for the game is the Lapua Scenar GB488 VLD round on the Covert SRS 16-inch barrel.
It is available in four colors, Black, Khaki, Forest (original texture), and Tan.
- Raven PMC units spawn with the correct headgear
- Changed the Raven PMC Soldier optic to an ACO (Red)
- Added a Black River PMC Sniper
- Added a Black River PMC Squad Leader
- Fixed some M68 optic windows

- Fixed a file path error for the TA64s.
- Removed the 'no entryconfig.bin/muzzleflash' error message when selecting weapons in Arsenal
- Added (for the time being) a solitary "Black River PMC" Soldier, will follow up with more later on

- Community Base addons A3

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