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Version: 0.1.0

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Date: 2007-11-21 20:21

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SPON getWeaponType

Works out the type of a weapon, based on its name ("M9" -> PISTOL, "M16A2" -> RIFLE, etc).

Well, this function works fine for BIS weapons, but I'm not sure of its "correctness" with non-BIS weapons (It depends on inheritance, so slightly altered weapons are likely to work fine, but completely new types of weapons could give faulty or "TYPE_UNKNOWN" responses). Hmm...I'm sure Mandoble can tear it to shreds

First release at OFPEC.

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This file is no longer availbale. When anyone who sees this message still has this file somewhere we kindly ask you to sent it our way so we can fix our mirror.
Thanks in advance!

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