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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.03

Short description: This script package will give you AI Forward Observers which will report spotted targets to the Fire Direction Centre, who will then issue firing orders to subordinate artillery guns.

Date: 2014-02-23 14:03

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Fire Support System

Grumpy Old Man

Tired of magically spawned artillery shells? Have you grown old and grumpy of instant, spot-on mouseclick artillery? Are you up for a change?
I might have just what you need if the above sounds familiar to you: Grumpy Old Mans Fire Support System!
This script package will give you AI Forward Observers ("FO") which will report spotted targets to the Fire Direction Centre ("FDC"), who will then issue firing orders to subordinate artillery guns.
It's also possible to make a 3 man group carry static weapon backpacks and assemble them upon hostile contact.

Depending on the amount of artillery units, amount of batteries (multiple artillery guns close together) and what kind of targets have been reported by the FO the FDC will choose the firing solution. It's also possible for the FDC to command time on target fire, if the values of the spotted targets is high enough.
Time on Target fire means that multiple artillery batteries will do coordinated fire, so that all fired rounds reach the target at the same time.

This script package is meant to deliver an authentic approach at simulating Artillery firing procedures with mission making in mind.
Due to the nature of this script, artillery rounds can take up to 120 seconds and longer until they hit the target area,
depending on the distance between artillery and target. This script delivers artillery fire that's actually happening in the game, if a FO has spotted enemies in Molos, and there's an operational MLRS Battery in Kavala you will be able to see the rockets flying all the way over to Molos.
Forward Observers will continue with their Waypoints once all spotted units are blown into pieces, Artillery Units can be moved as you seem fit, when moving they won't be used by the FDC until they are stationary again.
Forward Observers will only report stationary targets for now, this will be changed in a future update.

Forward Observers will inform the Fire Direction Centre about spotted enemies, and add details regarding troop size, amount of vehicles/tanks and give a firm description about the location (open field, forest, nearby buildings, etc.)
The Fire Direction Centre will respond to those calls and decide how many guns or batteries should execute the firing command and how many rounds should be used.
After deciding about the firing solution the FDC will inform the FO about it and send a "Rounds complete" message after the artillery is done firing, and a "Splash" message ~3 seconds before impact.
The FO will then confirm the hit and will then call out how many targets were hit.
Both the FO and FDC are made with proper radio protocol in mind, with the exception that the FO will always call in for an immediate fire for effect instead of an adjust fire solution.
The Adjust fire solution will be implemented for use by player forward observers in a future update and maybe for AI FOs as well.

Static Weapon Support teams will assemble and disassemble static weapons on their own.
Only valid targets will make them set up their weapons, so they won't set up a mortar if there's only hostile aircraft around or AT weapons when there's only hostile infantry.

Installation / Usage:
IMPORTANT: If you are using your own description.ext copy this line into it: #include "GOM_FSS.hpp"
Files: Copy the Content from the GOM_FSS folder to your mission directory.
If you want to use the Artillery System you need to place at least one Artillery unit, one Forward Observer and one Fire Direction Centre unit.

Fire Support System:
Forward Observer: The "FO" will report all targets to the "FDC".
For best efficiency use units with Rangefinders or Laser Designators as they tend to spot more reliable.
"FO"s won't call for a fire mission if the spotted unit is closer than 250m.
If all "FO" units get killed the "FDC" won't receive anymore targets.

"FDC" =
Fire Direction Centre: This unit will distribute targets among multiple batteries and do time on target fire if needed.
This is a passive role and therefore this unit should be placed away from battle.
If the "FDC" gets killed FO can't request fire missions.

"ARTY" =
This unit has to be of the support type artillery (currently supported units are the Scorcher, MLRS, Sochor and all static mortars)
If all "ARTY" units get killed the "FDC" won't be able to order fire missions.

Static Weapon Support:
1.: Place a group with at least 3 units.
2.: Call the script with:
nul = [leadername,"weapontype"] execvm "\scripts\static.sqf";
leadername has to be the name of the group leader, if used from the units init field "this" is sufficient as leadername.
"weapontype" has to be one of the following:
"HMG" = Mk30 HMG .50
"HMGR" = Mk30 HMG .50 (raised)
"GMG" = Mk32 GMG 20mm
"GMGR" = MK32 GMG 20mm (raised)
"AT" = Static Titan Launcher (AT)
"AA" = Static Titan Launcher (AA)
"MORTAR" = Mk6 Mortar
"RANDOM" = Up for a surprise? Lets go wild!

I really suggest that people use this script together with Blastcore A3 and JSRS2.0, for obvious reasons.
To avoid any possible quirks try to use artillery of the same types within one battery.
Place batteries at a distance of at least 1km from each other.
Because of its firepower the MLRS will most likely fire only one rocket,
no matter if it's the only artillery unit run by this script or if there's 120 of them and ammunition is plenty.
If you're using cannons like the Scorcher or the Sochor and
the distance to the target is above 6km the impact radius increases drastically.
Shells can impact anywhere around 300m around the target at such distances, so you better watch your head.

Known issues:
For now there's only HE ammunition used by the FDC.
On very rare occasions the "ARTY" units won't fire despite being in range. They will just take aim and revert to an idle state. This also happens without the usage of any scripts and seems to be a vanilla problem, mainly for the MLRS.
Need to implement a function to check for friendly units within a danger close zone.

I made this package to give mission makers the possibility to have a way to integrate a somewhat authentic artillery system into their missions.
The Static Weapon Support was added because I always felt that BIS could have done more with static weapons and their according backpacks.
I hope this script package will find its place in one or another mission.
Future updates are planned and I'm glad for anyone who reports any issues with this script to me via PM.

Credits & Thanks
I greatly appreciate that I'm allowed to use Bangabobs Live Feed Control (LFC) script to showcase my script package.

Added proper demo mission in .pbo and editor version.
Still working on player modules

- Script is now able to run for multiple sides/factions so that each faction can now have its own FDC [current factions in game: NATO, CSAT, AAF, FIA west, FIA east, FIA ind]
- Added 8 digit grid reference to FO and FDC radio messages and resolved some minor issues.

- first release

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- BI forums

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