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Fabrizio_T informed us he released an updated version of his bCombat infantry AI Mod on the BI forums.
bCombat is an ArmA 3 infantry AI enhancement mod in form of addon which aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI. It is still under development.

    Quote fabrizio_T :
    bCombat aims to achieve both a more aware and human-alike infantry AI.
    It features an unique ecosystem, including an event-driven AI morale / skill system as well as many optional AI enhancements.

    • Morale system driving dynamically AI behavour and skills.
    • AI behaviour is affected by many environmental events.
    • Modular mod architecture: optional features may be toggled on/off or tweaked at will.
    • Reduced (excessive) AI firing accuracy.
    • AI units proactively lay suppressive fire and suffer sensible morale / skill penalty when suppressed.
    • Increased AI survivability: better use of cover, movement and suppressive fire lead to longer firefights.
    • Player led AI units require far less micro-management on the battlefield.

    Please show your support for bCombat on MANW (Make Arma Not War) contest!

    • New: "bcombat_ballistics_native_handler" variable allowing usage of bDetect or BIS native close-bullet detection.
    • Tweaked: AI units better fulfilling tasks
    • Tweaked: AI units are now able to dynamically merge / split teams
    • Tweaked: investigation behaviour reworked
    • Fixed: excessive morale hit introduced by AI changes in ArmA3 BETA 1.3X builds
    • Fixed: minor bugfix

Written on 2015-02-17 07:19 by fabrizio_T  

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