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Version: 1.1

Short description: A tool to help mission creators to debug there missions

Date: 2014-02-17 11:30

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Architect's Debugging Panel


The Architect's Debugging Panel allows the user to:
  • Spectate any unit in the mission
  • Kill any unit in the mission
  • Teleport anywhere on the map
  • Enable Gode Mode
  • Open the Functions Viewer
  • Open the Config Viewer
  • Change View Distance Settings
  • Change Grass Quality Settings
  • Change Shadow Distance Settings
  • Spawn any weapon or item in Arma or your favorite Mod
  • Spawn any Vehicle in Arma or your favorite Mod
  • Spawn pretty much anything ie. Buildings, Signs, Lights
  • Displays all class of anything you spawn along with magazine class if applicable
  • ADP can watch up to 8 variables simultaneously
  • ADP has 3 Execute lines that can be executed locally, globally, or on the server

Place ADP Folder and ADPInit in your mission directory
Put the following in your description.ext:
#include "ADP\Dialog\defines.hpp" 
#include "ADP\Dialog\ADP.hpp" 
class CfgFunctions 
    class ADP 
        class DialogControl 
            #include "ADP\Dialog\functions.hpp" 
If class CfgFunctions already exists in your description.ext then put the following code in it:
class ADP{class DialogControl{#include "ADP\Dialog\functions.hpp"};};
so it looks like this:
Like so:
PHP Code:
class CfgFunctions 
    //Whatever your other mods are 
    class ADP 
        class DialogControl 
            #include "ADP\Dialog\functions.hpp" 

Put the following in your init.sqf:
[] execVM "ADPInit.sqf"; 
If you are running this on a server make sure to put your UID in the ADPInit.sqf!

Bug Reports::
Please let me know of any bugs @

- Completely rewrote the spectate script.
- Added Player information during spectating
- Added an exit button "SPACE BAR" to ext spectating
- Adjusted the time to 3 minutes but now you can exit anytime by pushing spacebar
- Changed the Player list text to correspond with the player side
- Adjusted hpp files to allow easier access of using multiple addons that use CfgFunctions
- Added subclassed for Scrollbar
- Changed install intructions
- Other small improvements

- first release

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- BI forums

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