Zodd's Land Navigation mod version 1.3 released
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Zodd informed us he released a new version of his Land Navigation mod on the BI forums.

    Quote Zodd :
    There are many aids to land navigation present in real life that are not in Arma. These are often made redundant by difficulty settings (eg. Showing location and direction on the map) but on higher difficulty settings or in specific situations, these real life aids come in handy in game.
    This mod is an attempt to bring some of these real life options in game. It is fully functional in SP and has been tested in hosted and dedicated MP without any issues (supports JIP).

    The contents of this mod are:
    • Hand Angles – A convenient way to get an approximate angle is using hand angles. While hand angles are not as frequently applied in navigation, they are used extensively in target indications.
    • Pace counting – The main low tech way to keep track of your distance travelled is pace counting. This is handy for both paces and bearing navigation
    • Vehicle odometer and trip meter – Self-explanatory; allows you to track distance travelled in vehicles.
    • Map protractor - Allows you to get accurate 8-10 figure grid references and accurate angle measurements.

    • Fixed MP issues; should now work for everyone!
    • Updated information to reflect ability to be compatible with spawned vehicles

Written on 2015-02-27 13:58 by Zodd  

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