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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.0.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This add-on represents real life Russian Federation Air Force version of SU35 S in new grey digital paint scheme.

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Date: 2018-09-15 09:23

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SU-35 Flanker E

John_Spartan, Saul, Leshrack, Moon_chilD & TeTeT

The Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E is a designation for heavily-upgraded derivative of the Su-27 Flanker. It is single-seat, twin-engine supermaneuverable multirole fighter.

This add-on represents real life Russian Federation Air Force version of SU35 S in new grey digital paint scheme. Also we have added blue digital version of Russian Federation Air Force and two CSAT fictional paint schemes.

- New model [UPDATED with version 1.0]
- HD textures
- Full realistic set of weapons models
- Afterburner
- Canopy animation
- Flares and radar warning system
- Fuselage vapour effects
- Engine exhaust effect
- Working mirrors in pilot view
- Master arms "SAFETY" feature
- Fuel drop sequence and auxiliary fuel support [WITH NEXT UPDATES]
- Aerial refuelling from SU-35S with “buddy pod” [WITH NEXT UPDATES]
- Ejection sequence simulation
- Collision Lights and Formation Lights
- Fully animated HD cockpit
- Built in Service Menu for ordinance and aircraft paint scheme customization
- 4 different paint schemes
- Setup/init MODULE for easier customization in game editor

To install the SU-35 Flanker E you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Additional usage instructions (also classnames) can be found in the included documentation.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
- the intrinsic SU35 weapons are merely copies of vanilla weapons, will be changed in a later update
- the ejection seat does not work at 0 speed, 0 altitude
- the fuel tank and buddy refueling system is broken
- on some maps the aircraft position is not displayed correctly on the map MFD
- slight stuttering when the afterburner is deployed
- pylons can hold all weapons, will be change in a later update

If there is anything else you notice that should be fixed please send us your feedback.

Screenshots would be appreciated for usage in upcoming manual.

Credits & Thanks:
Leshrack - Afterburner script
Firewill - AWS missile box support
Rusk Rusk - Russian MFD
ARMA 3 game engine: Bohemia Interactive
Project lead: Saul
Brand new model: Saul and John_Spartan
HD textures: Saul
GUI dialog by: John_Spartan
Config and scripts by: John_Spartan
Advisers: Gnat, Rock

And of course all the community members for being so kind and posting valuable information/tutorials and solutions about how to mod this game.

You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. This add-on is meant for ARMA 3 game platform by Bohemia Interactive only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.

This addon is released under:
Creative Commons Licence

for use in ARMA 3

This add-on is the property of Saul and John_Spartan with loads of hard work invested in it, please respect that. The authors take no responsibility for any damages this program may cause, use at your own risk.

This is a major update for the SU-35. A throttle hand anim was added, ITC air is supported, the eject script now works without the engine running, the custom weapons have been deprecated in favour of vanilla weapons, the service menu has been adjusted for that, Eden loadouts as well, the laser pointer was changed for easier integration.
2018-09-14 model
- removed prototypical nameplate
2018-09-09 config
- replace laserDesignator_mounted with laserDesignator_pilotCamera
2018-09-08 config
- add HUD system to ITC air compat for CCRP support
2018-09-01 config
- add TAD to ITC air support
- deprecate weapons from custom missilebox
- fix service menu
- change TGP min and maxTurn to 180/-180
2018-08-18 config
- change displayName, add -
- update ITC support
- remove ITC west weapons from hardpoints
2018-07-28 config
- allow ejection without engine on
2018-04-11 config
- add ITC mod support
2018-02-18 config, model
- add throttle hand anim

This is a maintenance release for the SU35. The weapons were missing from pilot view; the red formation lights were to intense; the canopy reflections were fixed by bludclot; Moony provided new preview screenshots.
2018-02-18 config, model
- add throttle hand anim
2018-02-11 previews
- new shots, kudos to Moony
2018-01-28 data
- improve canopy reflection secondary textures (by bludclot)
2018-01-21 config
- change intensity of red still and blinking collision lights
2018-01-20 model
- add weapon proxies to pilot view lods

config - use common plane_base_f declaration

- add Wheels class and use physx wheels
- add support for Firewill's ECM
- increase rotation speed of TGP
- set min maxTurn of TGP to +/-170
- add laserdesignator_mounted and laserbatteries to weapons and magazines
- ejection no longer works at 0/0
- enable init eventhandler again
- hide Init/Respawn module
2017-08-26 config
- reduce reloadTime of cannon to 0.04 (ROF 1500 per minute)
- adjusted pylon proxy positions
2017-08-18 model
- remove old proxies
- better pylon proxy positions, hopefully
- fix kh29 mag / weapon
2017-08-17 config, scripts
- add tanks, rockets to dynamic loadout
- add standard loadouts
- adjusted fuselage pylons
2017-08-17 config, scripts
- add dynamic loadout for instant loadout scripts
- adjust AB, make it slightly more powerful
2017-07-30 config, scripts
- add new afterburner script, adjust for SU-35 from F-18
- change to airplaneX simulation
- swap altFullForce and altNoForce
2017-06-13 config
- add ITGT support for Firewill AWS
- add new hitpoints structure
2017-06-12 config
- add vanilla TGP
- add CA_throttle to Rsc_SU35_UnitInfo
- add sonic boom
- add ejection seat
- add sensors from F-18, slighly adjusted
2017-06-10 config, model
- change cannon reloadTime from 0.1 to 0.05 (higher ROF)
- add support for dynamic loadout (AWS and Vanilla)
- add Russian MFCD text
2017-03-19 model
- move get in and get in dir for pilot to the ground
- add MFD map for the maps pictureMap
2017-03-01 config
- add textures for vehicle customization
2017-02-28 config
- comment some value in kab500l, following Farquharson's advice
2017-02-27 models, config
- add maneuvrability = 0 to 80mm rockets
- run dep3d +fx on folder
2016-08-20 config
- added Lesh's towing mod support
- fix fuel hud error in Eden
- add preview image
- add loadout for Eden
- add skin selector for Eden
- fix apex popups, Leshrack
- fix flag and wreck path, TeTeT

- fix apex popups, Leshrack
- fix flag and wreck path, TeTeT

- code optimization and fixes
- vanilla ARMA 3 version 1.38 compatibility

- ARMA 3 version 1.36 compatibility fix

- hotfix PIP mirrors
- hotfix for custom effects

- 1.24 game patch compatability added


v0.98 BETA
- first public version

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