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frostwyrm333 has posted in the BIS forums about 2 new Arma 2 presentations. Both are in Czech language but frostwyrm333 took the time to give a short summary of the info given in the first video already and he said he would give some more information about the second video soon.

Quote frostwyrm333 :
Here you can find the details of the first video:
    - they are making a better lightning system
    - they improved vegetation and performance
    - with directx 10 it will be possible to make antialiasing for blending textures like grass and forest backgorunds
    - they will move to shader 3 so bumps will look less weird and more realistic
    - they mentioned destruction system, the real physical destruction isn't possible today and it would be very problematic with networks. There was a mention that none of todays game uses it, just some static effects for things that fall (unreal tournament 3 with physx in 7 fps in low q. where is 30 fps in normal game in high q. ), and it would be complicated with ai
    - at last there will be animation blending. They created it for those gestures, but they dont know if they will allow reloading while moving.
    - separate animation for different positions in vehicles will be possible but they wont create different anims for every one.
    - Arma 2 will have 100 vehicles.
    - Ambient animals would run, eat and sleep, they will exist only when you are near them (mp compatible), but its possible to make ones who wont dissappear.
    - they will try to make birds fly away when you fire so you will be easily detected.
    - VBS2 tracers, terrain editing both in editor and ingame, but they WONT include real time editing
    - you will be able to shoot from vehicle even if you are not in firing place
    - moving in vehicles WONT be possible because it will be complicated with ai
    - AI will drive on the side of road
    - reworked AI, can recognize several 10cm distance, recognize covering fire and can use it
    - campaign divided to three parts:
      1. linear (ofp, arma)
      2. you can join these or those
      3. fully dynamic
    - not sure about this but I think we will be able to change from one to another and as mp you can play with other 2 friends as cooperative (one per each campaign)
    - 4 sides.
    - 4 playing characters, 10 replacement (Cannon Fodder)
    - 33 characters
    - better inventory and dialogues, parts of game like adventures
    - they made an automatic nightly simulator of missions for checking AI problems for themselves.
    - less bugs, better ai
    - I noticed some black screens after loading against ugly lods.

You can find the first video here.
The second video can be found here.

Written on 2007-11-25 12:30 by Foxhound  

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