Author: Robalo_AS
Author Website:

Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.1.9
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is my AI enhancement mod for Arma 3.

Date: 2018-10-23 08:05

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This is my AI enhancement mod for Arma3.
It was primarily developed with dedicated server / coop gameplay in mind, although it works well for single player use.
I have played both campaign episodes with zero issues having this mod enabled (in fact, I probably would not have played them at all otherwise).

For best experience, install the mod on server and all clients connecting to it, headless or not. The server settings (from userconfig) are always used.

Config features
- AI's fire mode selection, rate of fire and engagement ranges are tweaked. Makes them shoot more human-like.
- Weapon dispersion varies more with unit's skill. The lower the skill, the more increased dispersion. Makes tweaking them from the userconfig more effective.
- Reconfigures detection skills for soldiers. Base sensitivity skill has been reduced for civilians (3->2) and increased for snipers (3.5->4).
Enemy snipers should be harder to hide from while friendly snipers should be employed strategically.

Hearing has been improved for soldiers but the perceived noise made by soldier movement was reduced. Makes sneaking up still possible while soldiers will
detect other noises better overall (those made by gun shots or vehicles for example).
- Reconfigures unit costs. Units are classified by importance in 3 levels: less (civilians, insurgents, militia), normal (regulars), more (special ops, snipers, officers).
Units (especially players) may change equipment so it doesn't make sense to have an "AT guy" wear a big "shoot me first" sign just because he's in that "class".
- AI units are more able to detect bullets fired.

Scripted features
- The units skills are automatically configured based on their unit type, faction and the settings that can be changed in the userconfig. The skills are randomized but
given in between a minimum and a maximum value based on the skill level each unit is assigned in. This way you can have regular unit better then guerilla but spec ops
or snipers a lot better then all so you're able to customize but also keep the diversity. You can configure for each unit class values for their aiming, spotting and general
skills. You can also apply global coefficients per faction. The skills are applied after the start of the mission for present units or for any units that may spawn in
- The view and object distance of the dedicated server is dynamically adjusted during a mission based on sun elevation and fog level. This is done because the view distance of the
AI on the server determines how fast they will lose a target they already became aware of. Less chances of getting shot through the thick of the fog or darkness by AI you can't even see.
- AI will be alerted by explosions. They may try to get to cover. The higher state of alertness will increase the chances of detecting the enemy.
- AI units are more able to detect gun fire. Factors which contribute to how far they can hear and how precise the information gained are:the ammo type, if the weapon is suppressed, foliage, houses
- Groups reduced to a 2 (configurable number) units after mission start will look for near friendly groups and merge with them. AI working as a team is a lot stronger then a bunch of separate units.
- Wounded AI that is unable to walk may separate from their group and be left alone if there's no medic in the group. Helps AI groups reach their destination in a timely
manner when one of theirs has been shot in the leg or had a stupid accident (fell of a rock and broke legs, got hit by car etc.).
- AI share info about threats with other groups in their proximity if they have radios. Enhances awareness for groups that are not directly in contact with an enemy.
- AI groups coming into contact while in the open will try to move to cover. Helps them survive longer when caught in the open.
- AI machinegunners use suppressive fire. Makes them more effective and feared.
- Buildings are used in combat by AI. You may see AI shooting from windows or rooftops and it may not be as easy to hide in a house anymore.
- AI may move to cover and pop smoke when hit to help conceal while taking care of their wounds.
- AI may use near vehicle or static weapons for fighting.
- Keeps player in charge on teamSwitch to another unit; prevents leaving AI in charge to shout stupid orders that you need to cancel when you switch back to leader unit.
- Disables fatigue for AI in player's group and enables it for currently player-controlled unit (triggered on teamSwitch only); lets AI be able to keep up with the player.
- AI may rearm if low on ammo from nearby crates, vehicles, bodies or even friendlies rucks (eg ammo bearers).
- AI copy leader player's stance (configurable shortcut key to toggle this, default: Ctrl + Backspace)

To install the ASR AI 3 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included .pbo files:


Videos from the Arma 2 version: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

AI Configs for third party addons:
AI Configs for third party addons - be aware they might be out of date at times.
- ASR AI3 - RHS config
- ASR AI3 - BWMod config
- ASR AI3 - Spec4Gear config
- ASR AI3 - Military Gear Pack config
- ASR AI3: Project Opfor config

Known issues:
Issue tracker

Credits & thanks:
Victor Farbau for creating the original VFAI.Equipment addon and permission to modify his work, his gesture was the kickstart for the rearming addon rewrite.
SNKMAN for his Group Link 4 mod where I took the skill assignment by script idea from.
afp for his awareness script in BIS forums ( which inspired the AI radio net feature.
CarlGustaffa for the sun elevation function posted on BIS forums.
HeinBloed for his GDT Mod Server Grenadier where I saw the solution for fixing the AI grenadiers.
AlphaSquad team members for testing and sharing years of gaming fun.
BIS forum members that tested and provided constructive feedback.
BIS for making the best games.

License / Disclaimer:

I do not demand any express permission request but it would be nice to know when someone is enhancing it so I can maybe use that as well per licensing terms.

Have you even noticed after teamswitch the unit left in place often fucks off to some cover spot, not responding to any commands ?
With added fun when you were in a high tower before switching to another unit ?
This version has a fix for that (need more testing to confirm it's 100% gone).
Some other changes:
- ammo detection tweaks
- vehicle dispersion adjustments
- copy my stance works only for nearby teammates
- stay up when player in vehicle on copy my stance, faster mounting
- add some nasty temporary weapon sway to falling units
- bunch of code performance improvements, making sure some loops exit when they should
- improve the unfreeze unit command (the one that has a shortcut key in control settings)
- tweak the aiming and spotting skill interpolation curves

(mod) detection tweaks, increased distances
(mod) decrease AI dispersion coefficients for vehicle weapons
(fix) units fall and get suppressed again when hit


This version integrates Pooter's enhanced ASR AI as optional features among other things.

- (mod) in-game settings organized with subcategories
- (mod) automatically exclude civilian factions (contributed by 654wak654, thanks!)
- (mod) detection tweaks, tracers more visible to AI than non-tracers
- (mod) use HE ammo for Vorona and MRAWS against infantry and vehicles
- (mod) update class relationship to match with 1.82
- (mod) use variable full auto burst lengths for SMGs
- (mod) adjust gear actions to show before the take actions (which can clutter commanding menus a lot)
- (mod) copy my stance can be used for selected units (defaults to all when none selected)
- (mod) remove stamina handling completely
- (add) shortcut keys to toggle AI flashlights and lasers - works under certain conditions (MRT compatible)
- (add) shortcut key to attempt to unfreeze AI units in team
- (add) advanced cover and counter-attack from Raptoer/Pooter's fork (thanks!)
- (mod) removed unneeded setvariable flags
- (mod) optionally keep AI inside immobile vehicles with working weapons (by Raptoer, thanks again!)
- (mod) support tanks DLC for dynamic camouflage
- (mod) minor spotting skill decrease
- (mod) performance optimisation for dynamic camo (contributed by Dedmen, thanks!) hotfix
Added compat hotfix for missions requiring old cfgcamouflage and cfgvehicles

This version splits the main addon into several independent modules, making it easier to maintain but also
easier on user side when it comes to modifying, mixing with other mods or other experiments.

- (mod) config support for new tacops dlc assets (units, uniforms)
- (mod) update ammo configs for compatibility with patch 1.78
- (mod) random bursts for automatic fire modes (use burstRangeMax)
- (mod) performance optimisation
- (mod) shared target info accuracy depends on sender's commanding skill
- (mod) can reset team super AI option after mission start with immediate effect
- (mod) variables changed in userconfig

- (mod) make dispersion coefs vary with optic types again
- (mod) match explosive detection skills of green recon with post-LoW vanilla
- (mod) slight spotting distance increase overall
- (mod) re-add: dead units detach from static weapons
- (mod) auto-disable random fall when hit if ACE3 hitreactions used
- (mod) auto-disable AI self-heal if ACE3 medical used
- (add) option for team superAI
- (mod) add CIV_IDAP_F to skipped factions in default userconfig

- (mod) reduced grenade usage and accuracy
- (add) camouflage settings for LOW DLC gear
- (fix) incognito settings had player setCaptive false on init
- (mod) removed killed event handler (no longer reduces morale)
- (mod) removed damage eh which ejected dead units from static weapons (fixed in vanilla)

- (mod) hearing range of passing bullets, grenade and hi-caliber hits decreased
- (mod) fix AI preference for using binocs in close battles
- (mod) disable leader sending units to attack on groups of less than 6

- (mod) reduce grenade usage and accuracy
- (mod) keep units closer to leader on moving to cover
- (mod) bump general skills in userconfig defaults

- (mod) fix typo in NVG (thanks dystopian1 for reporting)
- (mod) incognito mode disabled by default

- (mod) slight decrease in ammo hit/pass detection range
- (mod) minor decrease of camo penalty for backpacks (lower coefficient)
- (mod) reduce use of handguns in favor of primary weapon use
- (mod) tweaks for full/burst rate of fire, weapon/mode selection, engagement ranges
- (mod) reduce default AI aiming speed
- (rem) remove all unit cost tweaks
- (new) integrated Incognito by Rydygier (single player only for now)
- (new) wounded AI patch themselves once they think it's clear
- (rem) no longer take away eyewear at night
- (mod) don't try to equip NVG if already wearing NV helmet
- (mod) improve times for unequipping/reusing NVGs by AI
- (mod) prevent AI from jumping into vehicle person turrets
- (mod) prevent teammate AI from going prone with no weapons when using copy my stance (they'd get stuck)
- (mod) remove hints from "fire on my shot" commands
- (mod) prevent sending units to cover or searching buildings when they have HOLD type waypoint
- (mod) carrying a big launcher affects camouflage (bigger stick more visible to AI)
- (new) in-game option to disable stamina handling completely
- (new) in-game settings for Incognito
- (mod) tweak userconfig defaults

- (new) updated green recon units (sof groups for green army)
- (new) remove reporting of "unknown contact"
- (new) full auto bursts can be interrupted (requires 1.66+)
- (new) custom camouflage coefficients added for uniform, vest and backpacks
- (mod) per unit camouflage values set to a unique base value on which the dynamic camo coef will be applied
- (mod) ammo config tweaked so shots are heard at longer distances
- (mod) reworked handheld automatic weapons shooting - slightly shorter bursts but increased intensity
- (mod) increase AI rate of fire for single shots
- (mod) reduce chance of switching to handguns
- (new) camouflage depends on actual items soldiers are wearing (uniform, vest and backpack)
- (new) can set team to hold fire until I (or another when forced to) shoot with configurable keybind
- (new) units inside vehicles can report contacts to near groups too
- (new) vehicle gunners may keep manning their weapons even after their vehicle was immobilized
- (rem) removed scripted shot detection for performance reasons in favor of config level detection
- (rem) removed loners joining other groups
- (rem) removed limping units dismissed from their group
- (mod) spend less time stationary while shooting
- (mod) removed AI teammate speed limiting (potential cause for them getting stuck in place)
- (mod) vehicles with ammo cookoff not good for cover (ACE)
- (mod) added a few more falling animations (credit: tpw)
- (mod) suppression effect for AI when taking hits so they no longer shoot back so accurately
- (mod) units caught in the open may throw smoke in panic
- (mod) improve units following/regrouping on leader after moving to cover
- (mod) prevent units from same side occupying same house position at a time
- (mod) re-equip nvg earlier (no longer wait till completely dark)
- (mod) medic check uses getUnitTrait
- (mod) a great deal of code optimisation
- (new) debug dynamic camouflage into RPT
- (mod) default radioing range extended to 700m
- (mod) allow up to 10 minute delays on radio reporting
- (mod) tweaked default skills in userconfig; meant for regular difficulty (skill 0.7, precision 0.5)

- engagement ranges extended for non-zoomed sights (experimental change in cfgweapons)
- handle hits on static weapons - units fall out of them when shot or things blow up nearby
- fix bug causing units to remain in prone position
- when copy my stance is enabled and player is moving slowly, following units will also slow down
- units in static weapons fall out of them when killed (so they can be looted)
- in single player games scripted reactions to danger are skipped if player not the cause and farther than 2000m

- fix bug in finding cover which could get groups stuck in place
- shot hearing and radioing range defaults decreased a bit
- units slightly harder to be heard and spot at night
- fire rate for semi auto slightly increased
- aiming speed and spotting increased back by a little
- disable goofy hand signals if laying down when enemy detected
- go prone when engaging distant units and there is no cover
- minor code optimisation

- renamed settings file in userconfig to asr_ai3_config.sqf
- ammo tweaked to improve detection
- hearing aid enabled by default to further improve shot detection
- fire modes and rate of fire tweaked
- reduced spotting skills a bit
- units may fall when hit (based on tmr_hiteffects)
- allow rearming in combat if empty
- extended cover search distance a bit
- can now exclude units by faction by adding them into asr_ai3_main_skip_factions (userconfig)
- improved odds of using houses

- updated configs for Arma3 v1.64
- fix AK12 fire modes
- separate debugging options
- split ammo, vehicle, weapon configs into separate addons

- configs updated for new 1.62/APEX content
- added config fix to prevent this from becoming dependency when editing
- tweaked configs for shot detection; scripted fired event handler disabled by default
- tweaked detection related config parameters (AI was too good at detecting things in the jungle)
- reduced aiming abilities for lower skilled units
- removed shooting stance tweaks (were slowing down unit moves too much)
- improved code (made a bit prettier and more efficient using newer sqf syntax and commands)
- improve debug logging by tagging each line in RPT
- settings overhauled; moved most user configurable options to the CBA settings framework (in game)
- asr_ai3_settings.sqf no longer used
- these settings can't be set in game and remain configurable by editing asr_ai3_settings_ss.sqf: asr_ai3_main_sets, asr_ai3_main_levels_units, asr_ai3_main_factions
- added options for radioing delays (prevent enemy calling your position to ther groups by shooting leader in less than x time since detected)
- added options for how many mags and first aid kits units are trying to maintain (rearming)
- allowed changing settings on the fly using in game settings dialogue (rearming for example)

- updated configs for Arma3 1.60
- fix author related error message
- UAV_AI units have max skill by default
- remove CAManBase::{audible,spotableDarkNightLightsOff,spotableNightLightsOff}, cfgAISkill::spotDistance tweaks in favor to updated vanilla settings; may need to re-evaluate and tweak these again.
- minor tweaks to userconfig defaults
- allow usage of base classes in class level overrides; Example: asr_ai3_main_levels_units[10] pushBack "B_Soldier_sniper_base_F";

- configs updated for 1.56
- audiblefire tweaks for ammo
- sensitivity parameters removed
- optimisation using params
- prevent AI in player groups from jumping into weapons on their own
- decrease morale faster when losing team members
- raise reaction to danger helper limit from twice to thrice per minute per unit
- units will not mount near weapons if suppressed (under heavy fire)
- suppressed units move between house positions a lot slower
- fail loading userconfig settings gracefully when filepatching is not enabled (warn in RPT)
- copy my stance now disabled by default but can be toggled with configurable key (controls -> configure addons)
- default aiming skills tweaked
- fix NVG handling by AI only done at startup (now properly reuse them when it gets dark)

- AI copy stance of player group leader
- very small tweak for detection of soldier (slightly harder to detect)
- use time instead of diag_ticktime for various interval checks
- rearming checks for ACE3 bandages instead of vanilla first aid kits if ace medical is used

- tweaked audio signature and night visibility for soldiers (harder to spot/hear, works better for stealth)
- queue unit initialization - instead of running unit's init code directly, now unit is just added to a queue which is then processed sequentially at regular intervals; eliminates any load spikes resulting from spawning multiple units at once
- some tiny aiming and spotting rebalance tweaks
- danger.fsm tweaks: some optimisation; allow vehicle crews to send target info to nearby groups
- removed dynamic server view distance adjustment
- overall code optimisation/reorganisation; reduced number of loops
- removed some unnecessary broadcast from server to clients

- Community Base Addons A3[/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script][/script]

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