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Version: 3072018

Short description: A wounding system for Arma 3.

Date: 2018-07-30 11:56

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A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive


This wounding system based on the AIS Wounding Module from BonInf*`s Arma 2 version. Again this one based on the vanilla wounding module from BIS. (but it wasnt MP compatible)
Well, essentially not a completely new stuff. But i think this was one of the best wounding systems we had with Arma. Cause i wont miss it in upcoming Arma 3 missions i rewrite and expand the system for further use.

The greatest advantage i see in the system is that you dont realy die before the unit go in agony. (what happens by any other normal revive system) That fact give the mission designer the possibility to create non-respawn missions with a revive system, too. The second big advantage is the possibility for unconcious players by pressing "W" to roll on their jelly and crawl forward or empty their loaded magazine. The following short video i had made in the early alpha state of the development. (over 8 month ago) The effects are completely reworked since this days. Nevertheless you can watch the core features of the system well.

Core Features:
- Fully AI compatible revive system
- Fully SP/MP, HC and JIP compatible
- Teamswitch compatible
- Setup file to change easy the behavior of the revive system
- A lot of options to choose between arcade or a more realistically usage of medics
- Option to select a realistic damage handling (die immediately by heavy explosions f.e.)
- Injury state without dying immediately
- Compatible for missions without respawn
- drag, carry, drop and load injury units
- Option to change damage tolerance
- A lot of visual effects and discreet information’s around the gameplay
- Unconscious units are able to roll on their jelly and perform simple actions
- Most time consumption actions are visualized and can be aborted if needed
- Markers and HUD show injury units on the map (if wanted)

Installation / Usage:
Find the readme, a complete documentation and guide as downloadable content:

Mod version:
JCae2798 made a mod version of this script. Please note the author can not support this so use at your own risk!
It isnt a official mod version of this script but use this script packet. Take care of the specific notes/readme of the script version.
Download: A3 Wounding System Mod version by JCae2798

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will try to cover the Community made releases. Make sure to visit our channel and subscribe! on Youtube

Known issues:
- System will not work if you switch to another AI-unit --> team switch is disabled by default.
- If you start the healing process while holding a launcher, you cannot abort the process until is finished.

I hope some people can find the advantage of that system and help them to fill their missions with a usefull feature.
At the moment the draggee animation are not optimized. So i will release minimum one update in the future.

Credits & Thanks:
- BonInf* for the first multiplayer compatible version (Arma 2)
- EightSix for his PatrolOps and the included status bar
- BI for the design idea (Wounding module Arma 2)
- Alwarren for his feedback and fixes
- lukio for his text revisions and better translations

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Excluded is the possibility if it is included in a single- or multiplayer mission that havent a example-mission character.
You are not free to use this script-pack in wholeness or in parts that use the ideas and principles in the 'Make Arma not War' campaign from Bohemia Interactive.
You are not free to remove this readme and license textfile in any case to any time from the workpiece. You are not free to rename this file.

fixed - initial misssion eventhandler breakdown (can break 3rd party mods)
fixed - "Medic only revive" option have no effect
fixed - animation issue if no primary weapon is selected when starting the carry animation
fixed - TFAR speaching doesnt enabled again after a reivive
fixed - AI soldiers didnt pull out the wounded everytime while they want to help him
fixed - possibility to trigger some actions from any distance
fixed - unconscious driver was able to drive a vehicle
fixed - unbind "wepon on back" (or any other weapon changes) during unconcious state to avoid player can walk around
changed - some minor improvements in all animation handlings
changed - AIS can now work with ACE together as long as ACE_medical isnt present
changed - unconscious markers are only for the same faction visible
added: notification when a player shoot down another player (user wish)
added: simple score system (user wish)
added: option to disable the possiblity that unconcious units can die before the bleedout timer is gone (f.e. by near explosions) (user wish)

- documentation added
- fixed: ACRE wasnt enabled again after a revive
- fixed: animation issue without main gun while start carry action
- fixed: medic only option has no effect
- tweaked: some minor improvements in animation handling
Issue with missing scroll down actions after revive:
I cant reproduce this issue. Maybe the player dont know enough about the units around them after a revive. So i added a reveal function which trigger after the revive local. We will see if it will change something.

- fixed: players are not able to crawl in agony-mode since patch 1.62

- fixed: long initialization delay if you start the script on large number of ai soldiers since patch 1.16 (BIS_fnc_feedback_hitArrayHandler not set)
- fixed: (hopefully!) group leader lost sometime the command after a respawn
- fixed: duplication of medikits after revive (fixed by Alwarren)
- fixed: Since fire starts to "damage" with minimal damage at a large radio, lower damage get filtered out (by Alwarren)
- fixed: damage calculation issue if a unit get healed before fall in agony first time
- changed: stronger code while asking for tcb_is_agony variable in different cases
- changed: attempt at correcting the damage values with getHit (by Alwarren)
- changed: some small code optimizations (usage of new script commands)
- changed: skip initialization in post init area
- changed: completely rewritten damage handling
- changed: text clean up (rewritten by lukio)
- removed: remove tcb_ais_revive_guaranty from setup (it is now included tcb_ais_realistic_mode - easier setup process)
- removed: healReset.fsm no longer needed (caused by new damage handling)
- added: check for wrong player initialization/localization and abbort init AIS if check failed
- added: new setup option to disable TFAR radio for unconscious players
- added: new setup option to disable text chat for unconscious players
- added: random pain screams if a player go unconscious
- added: add score points to the unit who shoot other AIS handled units down (to agony)
- added: new setup option to enable/disable bleedout countdown (tcb_ais_showCountdown)
- added: new setup option to enable/disable AIS diary entries (tcb_ais_showDiaryInfo)

- fixed: a medic player was set to auto-first aid if close enough to injured ai
- fixed: action entries are duplicated
- fixed: tcb_ais_show_injury_marker was doubled in the setup file

- fixed: if dragger die or agony the dragged unit dont stock in drag/carry animation
- fixed: error in vehicle/parachute handling
- fixed: broken damage handling for damage from fire
- fixed: in some cases the unit have zero-damage in unconcious state
- fixed: revive chance warranty now bring a 100% warranty
- fixed: sometime the units damage are higher as before the first aid process
- fixed: prevent the zero-time first aid process in some cases
- fixed: a calculation error while try to find a squadmate that help the downed group members
- changed: check for engine-side healing threads to reset parts damage storage
- changed: the healing time depends on the injured damage AND now also if the healer is a medic or not (medics are up to 50% faster)
- changed: injured person stop to bleed out if a helper has start the first aid process
- changed: reduce fatigue-values (caused by the overdosed gay noises since 1.14)
- changed: reduce slighty the distance you have to fall below before you can start a action to wounded bodys
- added: option for "only medics can revive" or "everyone with medical euqipment" or "everybody"
- added: "medical equipment" are generated during a first aid action
- added: random particle blood splatter form the wounded body
- added: action to stop the bleeding by press on the wound (only avalible if not everyone can start a first aid action to any time)
- added: easter egg (experienced players can learn to help much faster) ;-)
- added: option to have everytime you got a hit it also have a impact to your senses
- added: to call for help press "H" button while you are unconcious (AI start immediately to looking for you)
- added: auto-generated diary entry with description and explanation
- added: license text to the readme file

- fixed: animation positioning after the last stable patch
- fixed: AI dont hold a started animation since the last stable patch (work around: freeze the unit in wanted animation)
- changed: you cant carry injured persons if you wear a launcher on your back

- fixed: healing process stop after few seconds if the healer hasn't a primary weapon
- changed: freeze the wounded unit during healing process (cant longer spin around)
- changed: unlock the head movement of the healer during healing process (able to look around during healing)
- changed: disable debug log

- fixed: a animations-bug if you land hard with a parachute
- fixed: tcb_fnc_isMedic interchanged the output value
- fixed: for a short timewindow it was possible to heal the unit by shooting on their
- fixed: every unit with uniform "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt" wont handled by the system caused by a strange damage handling (
- changed: damage handling reworked
- changed: make the setup parameter "tcb_ais_revive_guaranty" more powerfull
- changed: more randomization to the lifetime
- changed: not every ai group member try to help - primary the medic look for wounded comrades or the closest squadmate
- added: a random delay before the ai try to help you (prevent the ai to run into enemys fire)
- added: carry action and animations

- fixed: two AI's arent longer able to heal mutually if they lie close together
- fixed: animation bug - if a healer die/get unconcious during healing another unit, the healer get stuck sometime in a kneel animation
- fixed: (hopefully) another groupmember get blur-effects if a unit are unconcious
- fixed: if a ex-leader from a strange group join a new group he dont call out as a leader after he was healed
- changed: disable the "commandMove" command for AI healer (maybee this fixed anoying radio chatter)
- changed: a healed AI start to search again for wounded squad members after the unit is concious again
- changed: some small code optimizations
- added: safety barrier to prevent a unit can execute local other units twice

- added: drag animations
- added: setup parameter to enable/disable the deadcam and the dead-dialog
- added: some alternative example execution methods in the init.sqf
- added: units fall in agony disable their NVG's for one time
- removed: waypoint markers on map are a little bit confusing

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