A3 Wounding System by [TcB]-Psycho-
Editing and Scripts

[TcB]-Psycho- released an updated version of his A3 Wounding System script on the BI forums.

    Quote [TcB]-Psycho- :
    This wounding system based on the AIS Wounding Module from BonInf*`s Arma 2 version. Again this one based on the vanilla wounding module from BIS. (but it wasnt MP compatible)
    Well, essentially not a completely new stuff. But I think this was one of the best wounding systems we had with Arma. Cause I do not want to miss it in upcoming Arma 3 missions I rewrote and expanded the system for further use.

    The greatest advantage I see in the system is that you dont realy die before the unit go in agony (what happens by any other normal revive system). That fact give the mission designer the possibility to create non-respawn missions with a revive system, too.
    The second big advantage is the possibility for unconcious players by pressing "W" to roll on their jelly and croush forward or empty their loaded magazine.

    • fixed: players are not able to crawl in agony-mode since patch 1.62

Written on 2016-10-15 17:14 by Psychobastard  

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