ArmaRig for Blender by Macser

Macser informed us he released an updated version of his ArmaRig for Blender on the BI forums.

    Quote Macser :
    A constrained Ik rig built in Blender.Aimed at A2/A3. Intended for use with Alwarren's Arma toolbox.
    Static and hand anims can be exported direct to PBO. Dynamic animations like walk/run cycles can be also be exported directly with some extra work.

    I'm not an expert on the internal workings of Blender.Nor would I consider myself a grade A rigger/animator.So bear that in mind if you find mistakes or bugs.

    I created a slightly different version of the rig and updated the first page.

    The parenting for some of the bones has been removed, and replaced with "childof" constraints. This allows the bone's parenting to be switched by the animator. It also allows for keyframing of the influence value. Practically this means you can stack the same constraint more than once for the same bone and keyframe what's called a "handoff" during an animation. Where the bone can switch parenting during the sequence. Either locking to an empty object or another bone in the rig, and back again.

    If you see the child bone pop out of position when you initially switch the parent, don't panic.
    Just hit the "Set inverse" button. The bone's position will be updated relative to the new parent.

    An important note while using the childof constraint. If you decide to change the parenting via the constraint, remember to change it back to the appropriate parent when editing a different sequence. Each animation records the bone transforms with the parenting used at the time. For most of the stuff you'll do you may never bother changing anything, in which case the rig operates as usual.

    Animations (actions) created with the previous version (Version 6) may not work correctly out of the box with this one. So bear that in mind.

Written on 2016-08-04 11:19 by Armaholic  

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