SP mission : Take The Red On by Morieza updated

Morieza released in our forums a new version of this mission for Arma 2 and/or Arma 2: Combined Operations.

  • Added: Center-Peel /Aussie Peelback tactic with AI teammates, peel option: left/left-back, right/right-back, formation heading.
  • Improved: Lowering starting-skill and resetting auto-increase-skill multiplier, now the easiest mode will no longer become the hardest, now if enemy unit dead, units remaining in his group will gain an extra skill (more casualties more group skill), new 20 difficulty mode, end mission bonus = +1%..... +400%.
  • Improved: Few ruins of destroyed buildings will be hidden to avoid OPFOR AI stuck when they trying to change group formation heading direction near ruin.

Take The Red On v1.02

Arma 2: Combined Operations (Optional)

Written on 2014-03-02 17:55 by morieza  

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