Author: Iceman77
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3a

Short description: A light weight vehicle creating dialog.

Date: 2014-10-19 09:11

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Vehicle System (vSys)


- A clean cut UI that allows you to create vehicles
- Users can adjust vehicle type creation time
- Users can adjust which side's vehicles will be displayed. e.g.; The player's side only. Or west, or east, or independent, or... any combination of sides.
- Option to create manned vehicles
- Option to create vehicles already flying
- Option to move the player into the first available position upon creation ( driver, crew, cargo etc etc)

- Merge the contents of the vSys mission folder into yours.
- Changes can be made in the fn_varsInit.sqf to customize VSYS to the users needs

Known issues:
None that I'm aware of!!

To do:

Credits & Thanks:
Translators ( stringtable.xml ):
- Mariodu62
- Syncie
- Lepletier
- Schatten
- Rydygier
- AWC_Chief_Wiggum
- Rapax

I take no responsibility for (im)possible damage to your game/system that may be caused by installation of this UI.

- Users can now define which side's vehicles can be displayed (fn_varInit.sqf).
- Changed the position (method) for vehicle spawn. Now relative to the object the action is assigned to rather than the player.
- Localized text for all languages via stringtable.xml.
- Added comments to everything so advanced users can easily navigate the blocks of code in any .sqf file
- Added the missing VSYS_DELAY_SUPPORT variable to fn_varsInit.sqf.
- Added "flying" option (check box) to spawn the aircraft flying. Auto defaults to ground spawn if tried with ground vehicles.
- Added "GetIn" option (Check Box) to allow the player to automatically be moved into the vehicle's first available position, upon creation (if possible).
- Optimized code a bit (mainly readability) with control macros
- Text should now be scaling dynamically (?)
- Tweaked UI colors (mainly opacity)

- Re-wrote the entire system
- No more parachute
- Set vehicle creation time for specific types easily. From instant to whatever timer the editor desires (fn_varsInit.sqf)
- Added the option to create the vehicle with a crew
- The previous vehicle doesn't have to be destroyed before you can request a new one

- Fixed scrollBar error. listScrollBar is now being used rather than the apparently depreciated scrollBar.
- Added action via cfgFunctions rather than through init.sqf. Less for the mission editor to do.

- release

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- BI forums

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