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Version: 1

Short description: Returns an array with what the system time was x hours ago.

Date: 2014-01-15 04:25

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Subtracthours dll for Arma 3 (Compiled with Visual Studio 2013).
Called with the number of hours x to subtract from the current time, returns the time that was x hours ago as an array.
For example "call compile ("subtracthours" callExtension ["10"])" will give you what the time was 10 hours ago.
- 1st value 0 if success, 1 if a error occurred then
- Day of Month (1-31)
- Month (1-12)
- Year (4 digits)
- Hour (0-23)
- Minute (0-59)
- Seconds (0-59)

Before downloading make sure that you take note of the fact that you understand downloading and installing dll files can cause security issues with your PC!
The submitted file was scanned by 3 different online file scanners and 2 came up with a suspicion. Armaholic takes no responsibility what so ever for any kind of issue this file may cause (we are not hosting it neither!).
If you want to view the code before installing you can do so here:

Place the dll in your Arma root folder.

Included files:
subtracthours.dll is the only file you need to use, the source code is also included but you can ignore that.

call compile ("subtracthours" callExtension ["10"]) will give you what the time was 10 hours ago.

- C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2013

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