Coop mission : Operation Broken Spine by gianlucaBR

gianlucaBR has submitted where you must hold a USMC FOB that was attacked by a group of 235 insurgents.

    Quote gianlucaBR :
    Ok ladies listen up , 3 hours ago our FOB was attacked by a group of insurgents , until now we know that 200 insurgents killed 8 marines however the assholes are coming back for a second attack using OUR FOB as their base of operations.

    Ladies, this will not happen. Our strike group is getting ready, we will have 6 Venoms and 1 osprey ready to get in there and hold the FOB at all cost. Ammo and supplies will be provided in the HQ however the FOB is without any kind of supplies, our pilots will have to take care off this, good luck and GET SOME !

Written on 2014-01-21 07:23 by gianlucaBR  

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