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Date: 2007-12-02 20:02

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International Conflict - Training Island

ICT Isle is a small training island craeated for the International Conflict Arma tournament.
The Island is 256x256 and consists of 2 main islands:
    - Island 1 contains a Base and firing ranges, it also has its own Heli field and Port.
    - Island 2 Contains 1 small village, 1 Large town and a castle
Place the files "ict_isle.pbo" and the "ict_isle.pbo.ArmA Demo.bisign" in your
...\ArmA\AddOns\ directory.
Or as we always recommend use a mod folder for this addon.
If you do not know how to make/use modfolders have a look at our FAQ.

Known issues:
Ladders do not work at the moment, hopefully will be fixed in the next build.

ArmA and it's content are copyright of Bohemia Interactive.

IC-Arma is not Affiliated to Bohemia Interactive in any way.

Neither IC-Arma or Bohemia Interactive take responsibility for damage to your game.
Use this addon at your own risk.

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