SP & Coop mission : Conspiracies: The Survivor by Sled88

Sled88 released in the BI forums this survival mission in alpha status for Arma 2.

    Quote Sled88 :
    I want to release it now because I want to create the rest of the story with your hint and opinion. In fact of gameplay it should be working fine in this version. Maybe some small bugs are still there, if you find some plz report them. In this version the storyline is thin and we focused on gameplay... the COOP-version has not been tested so far...

    Short word to the story... (not finished):
      In march 2014 hell breaks out. A virus is infecting more and more people und the military seems to be dead in this area. So you will have to survive this nightmare, find survivors, guns, hideouts, hints and a way to escape from that island.

Written on 2014-01-27 09:57 by Sled88  

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