Author: Raynor.D
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Version: 1.2.2

Short description: This is a fully featured yet extremely efficient and intuitive launcher created in VB.NET.

Date: 2014-10-27 08:58

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Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher


This is a fully featured yet extremely efficient and intuitive launcher for Arma 3, designed to quickly create, modify, and switch between combinations of your favorite mods and adjust your game parameters, all within a couple of clicks.

  • Preset Management:
      Add/Rename/Duplicate/Delete presets
      Quickly switch presets in a dropdown
  • Mod Management:
      Load mods located anywhere on your computer, including other hard drives
      Clean up your Arma 3 directory by placing mods one level down in the Arma 3 directory: "Arma 3\@Mods\@JSRS, @A3MP, etc." (top folder must begin with @)
      Doubleclick to add/remove the selected mod or group
      Multiselect (Ctrl or Shift Click, then use add/remove buttons)
      Drag to reorder mods and groups within current preset (Custom implementation, if any of you VB.NET people are interested)
      Create groups to easily manage mods frequently used together
      Color highlighting system so you know exactly what's happening at a glance
  • Additional Parameters:
      - noSplashScreen
      - world=empty
      - showScriptErrors
      - noPause
      - skipIntro
      - noLogs
      - noFilePatching
      - window
      - maxMem=(512-2048)
      - maxVRAM=(512-2048)
      - CPUCount=(2-8)
      - ExThreads=(0,1,3,5,7)

Misc features:
Create shortcuts on your desktop or other location of your choosing that will launch Arma 3 with the current settings
Launch Arma3.exe directly* for development or multiplayer
...All at your fingertips in a flat, simple user interface.

This is an exe file. Armaholic is not responsible in any way if this file causes any kind of problems when you download and/or install this!

Simply run the .msi installer and you're good to go.
I recommend removing all A3 launch parameters from Steam itself; they will run no matter what.
On first start, it will check for Arma 3 inside your main Steam installation folder. If it can't find it (you installed it on a different drive), it will ask you to provide the path to your Arma 3 directory, so it can detect your modfolders.

If upgrading from an old version, I'm sorry, but you'll need to uninstall it first (limitation of the installer). However the upgrade is worth it for fixes and new features.

Simply go into Control Panel > Programs and Features, and uninstall it.

This is a very simple program on the outside. It doesn't require Internet access or anything like that, so feel free to lock it down with your firewall. All it will ever access outside itself is its own saved settings file in AppData, and lookup the location of your Steam installation in the registry (since Arma 3 is actually run with a command to the Steam client).
A small tip for quickly looking through presets or groups: double click the dropdown then use your scroll wheel. (This works for all dropdowns in Windows)

I hope you all find this useful, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, good or bad, I would love to hear it. And also please report bugs if you find any, and I'll squash them asap.

The source files are available! You can download them from here: Arma 3 Mod Preset Launcher Source.

- Added: Now searches one level down for modfolders in folders (Arma 3\@Mods\@JSRS), so you can declutter your Arma directory (Note: top folder must start with @)
- Added: Alternate mod locations: mods can now be loaded from other locations, like other drives. (infinite number of locations)
* Note: Because I didn't design the program to do this from the beginning, it will show the full path in the list views when using the above features, so I suggest very short paths like: Arma 3\@Mods\(mods) or F:\Arma3\(mods) if on a separate drive
- Added: Option to run Arma3.exe directly, in case of Steam issues (shortcuts also save with this option) (NOTE: This is not intended to, and does not, allow pirated games to be launched)
- Added: Options menu with the above features
- Added: Will now remember previously active preset
- Added: Explanatory tooltips for all the parameters
- Fixed: Can now only have one instance open at once
- Removed some unused references and resources
- Updated help dialogs

- Added: -window, -noLogs, -noFilePatching parameters
- Added: Launcher action on game launch (nothing, minimize, or close)
- Added: Horizontal resizing for both dialogs
- Added: Launcher position and sizes are now saved (intelligently checks and resets if off screen, in case resolution changed etc.)
- Added: Gray highlight in the mod list if mod is in current preset
- Added: Red highlight for mods in the active preset but not in the A3 directory (deleted/name changed)
- Added: Relevant mod coloring for groups dialog (gray and red)
- Added: Shiny new About and Usage dialogs
- Fixed: Possible crash when creating new group
- Fixed: Modfolders with spaces in their name no longer break the command line
- Fixed: Drive letter is now capitalized (didn't cause problems, just bugged me)
- Fixed: Lots of semi-edge case fixes/improvements

- hotfix

- Implemented groups: Basically sub-presets. See Help > Usage for details
- Now installed using the standard windows installer. The executable will now be stored in program files like every other normal program.
- Added -exThreads parameter
- Both main and group dialogs can be vertically resized
- Minor UI fixes and squashed bugs
- Load order tweak - if a mod that's already part of an active group is manually added somewhere else in the current preset, it will load there instead of as part of the group.

- Initial Release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- .NET Framework 4.0 (You probably already have it. If not, it will be installed by the installer)

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