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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra

Version: 4
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: It adds many new ammo types and magazines to the game featuring real life ballistics data.

Date: 2014-10-31 15:14

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Dagger Ballistics - ACE


Here´s a new mod. It adds many new ammo types and magazines to the game featuring real life ballistics data.
Inside you will find a very detailed manual explaining all the new ammo types, their ballistic charts, dispersion and effective range, how they behave in different rifles, how they should be employed, how to make some ballistics calculations as well as calculating bullet penetration and hit values. And much more.

My intention was to bring a wider variety of ammo with special ammos to special soldiers. Among the bullets you will find SLAP, tear gas, explosive, frangible, duplex, hollow point, and more.

There is also a LEA config to speed up all your tests with the new stuff included in the mod.

I like to play the game as a long range shooter, which means I stay 75% of the time looking though scopes and wondering whether the ammo variety could be widened to better fit any sniper and special application needs.
So, I decided to make this mod adding more variety of ammunition and approaching them to real life behavior. ACE mod has already done a great job bringing drop values to realistic terms but in this mod they were pushed even further.

I have made the 25x59 mm, .50 BMG, .338 Lapua, .308 Win, .223, 9x39 mm, 7.62x54 mm, .300 Win Mag, .408 Cheytac and 12.7x107 mm calibers for the BI vanilla and expansions, ACE, Robert Hammer, L115A3 and P:UKF, BBOA Mercs, SAL SOTG, Vilas Western Weapon Pack, WinteR5 M14´s , C1987 G3, AAW, SAM, LenL119, ACR weapons pack, British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP, Cheytac M200 packs and Dagger Weapons.
If you want any new ammo you just PM me at Armaholic bringing its BC´s and we could work that ou together.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Dagger Ballistics is the "mod of a mod". Besides it works with default BI´s weapons it brings a lot of other magazines and ammo types made specially for all the mods listed below. So give them a try because they were considered worth to receive the goodies brought by this mod.
You don´t need to have all the mods that are compatible with my mod. So don´t get yourself bored by those “Addon X requires addon Y” messages on game start. If you don´t like those messages then delete the pbo´s made for the mods you are not using.

Suggested Addons:
Australian SOTG - Commandos:
SpecOps, Mercs, BlackOps and OpFor units:
British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP:
Swedish Army Mod (SAM):
Australians At War - Combined ops:
L119A1 Pack:
WR5 M14 pack:
Latin America weapons pack:
UKF Weapons Pack:
ACR weapon pack:
RH SMG pack:
RH MGS weapon pack:
RH Mk18 Pack:
M16 Pack Rearmed:
RH HK416 Pack:
RH PDW pack:
RH M14 pack:
RH M40 pack:
G3 Project:

Included files:

For usage and information instructionss of how to use Dagger Ballistics please refer to the included documentation.

Known issues:
1.Dagger Ballistics does not work with Robalo´s ASR configs. Please, notice that Dagger Ballistics also makes weapons ACE compatible.
2.It also conflicts with Group Link 4 Special FX Edition and with ScopeFX - Dynamic scopes, so you will have to turn them off when playing with Dagger Ballistics.
3.The M1 Abrams shoots blanks from the MG´s.

Credits & Thanks:
Dagger Ballistics
Team Dagger We are:
ToreDL87, The sponsor.
Multiplaneta, The Swiss Knife Man: 3D artist, LEA worker, youtube movies, mods research.
HellGhost, The Bug Hunter: Bug hunting.
SopmodJack, The Movie Maker: many cool youtube movies, armor penetration tests., The Photoshop Master: Logos, Photoshop and 3D Studio lessons.
Vekongmaster, The Dope Man: Bullet drops and range tables.
Tupac Shakur, The Apprentice: Beta Tester.
Dagger: Project lead, reticles, ballistics and weapons.

Dagger Ballistics
Special Thanks BI team, for the wonderful game, the always teaching forums and the free models, which were our start line. ACE team, for the many realistic toys. We could never get this far without your silent support. Thank you BI and ACE teams!

Other people who have somehow inspired us to do this mod
LEA team, for the handy tool.
SIX team, for the other handy tool.
Spirited Machine, for the handy ArmA 2 Game Launcher.
TeamSpeak team, for putting everybody together.
Guys from the TF119, TF187, 173rd Airborne, 3rd Infantry, 11th MEU, 4th , 10th Mountain Division, for allowing us to play on their servers and don´t bothering us because we use LEA!!!!!
Kegetys, for his useful tools.
Mikero, for his wonderful EliteNess. This work would not be possible without EliteNess.
AR15 and Sniperhide forums, for the open minded discussions and mutual help.

License / Disclaimer:
I´m not guilty if you screw your computer, or your life, or loose your girlfriend. Be advised.

I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be ported to ArmA 3.
I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be included in other mods without my authorization. You just ask and I will answer ASAP.
I do not allow this mod or any part of it to be sold by any imaginable means.

- fixed bug

- Reduced visibleFireTime to 0.75 seconds in order to improve FPS on servers, over ACE defaults.
- Fixed a problem with silenced ammo causing deafness, all thanks to TechnoPanda´s feedbacks.
- Fixed the M1022 BC, added the .50 A-Max, added the .50 M20, added the .338 SD, added the 12.7x107 caliber.
- Now, all vehicles use Dagger ammo.

- Added the .300 Win Mag, the 7.62x54R, the 9x39 and the .408 calibers.
- Fixed the ACE wounding system problem.
- Fixed the “required addons” problem in the configs.
- Fixed the FireLightDuration problem.

- first release

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra

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