Author: toadie2k4
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.61.01
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: NIArms Core is the central core to the weapons sets released by NIArms for Arma 3.

Date: 2019-05-03 09:12

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NIArms Core


HLC_Core is the central core to the weapons sets released by Toadie. It contains mostly, shared resources like magazine icons, some material templates and textures, sounds, etc. It's required to run any hlc prefixed mod/pbo file.
Why? Because some mods are going to share resources and that's just how it is. It contains ALL the animation gestures for the HLC mods, so if you're using them for another mod, you'll need this for those too.
Figure this is a better way to do it than to have them all in separate PBOs, and thus a pain in the nutsack to huntdown.

To install the NIArms Core you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Bohemia Interactive- Arma2 Sample resources(Meshes, Sounds, RVMATs, Textures), some script lines.
Toadie- Scripts, Sound Mixing, Material Ports, Animation
Vunsunta- Sounds

The HLC/SHARBSE crew for being awesome, tolerant of oddities and allround rad blokes
Kerc Kasha, for answering all my awkward hour config and scripting questions and basicly firing me up to work on Arma stuff.
Kiory, for working out the ...

Re-committing last change

- Fixed Several RVMATs crosreferencing files in other mods
- Corrected Typo on Shooter's Bipod description

- Implemented XML Stringtables
- Japanese Language String Translation (Credit: ClassicArma)
- French Language String Translation (Credit: StalkerSoC)
- Implemented MagzineWells, Compatible with JAM
- Replaced all previous custom muzzleflashes, new ones included
- Added Isopod
- Added Nightforce ATACR F1 1-8x Short-dot
- Added new free charm
- Added Missing X-15 X-fal Mags
- Added 5.45 AK magazine variants - Orange(6L20),Plum(6L20),Black(6L23)
- Added 5.45 RPK mags - Orange(6L18),Plum(6L18),Black(6L26)
- Added 7.62 AK magazines - Steel, Orange(6L10), PMAG 30(tan/black), Valmet
- Added 200 Round 7.62 NATO belt variations
- Reanimated character animations:
- Added new custom reload handler- allows weapons to run alternate reload sequence on various states of magazine (Good for things like, say EnBloc and internal magazine reloads)

- Hotfix: swap weapon with get/setUnitLoadout, fixes #110
- Added shared materials/textures: hlc_core\tex\acc\Magpul_AFG, hlc_core/tex/acc/Melon_VFG
- Reorganising: Weapon attachments to slot-respective separate files
- Added : HLC_optic_DocterR (Rail-mounted Docter RDS), hlc_grip_AFG2, hlc_grip_PMVFG
- Added : HLC_GestureReloadACRGL (GL5040/m203 reload for shorter length-of-pull)
- Revert .300 BLK suppressor name

- HOtfix: hlc_30rnd_556x45_SOST, hlc_30rnd_556x45_SPR

- Added: Hensoldt 4x30 Combat Optic (multiple)
- Added: H&K AGC materials
- Added: AAC M4-2000 (hlc_muzzle_556NATO_M42000)
- Added: Rotex III-Compact(hlc_muzzle_556NATO_rotexiiic_grey,hlc_muzzle_556NATO_rotexiiic_tan)
- Migrating shared materials/textures: hlc_core\tex\magazines\pmag2, hlc_core\tex\magazines\stanagHD,hlc_core\tex\magazines\emag
- Added initial pass of CfgMagazinewells - STANAG_556x45 (Subclass NIA_Magazines) , UGL_40x36
- Added Proxy magazine meshes for STANAG magazines
- Added : STANAG magazine Sub-variants - PMAG, STANAG-HD, Lancer L5, EMAG
- Added : missing X15 magazines ( "hlc_50rnd_556x45_SOST","hlc_50rnd_556x45_SPR","hlc_50rnd_556x45_EPR")
- Added : HK416 animations, AGC Animations

- Added shared materials/textures: hlc_core\tex\magazines\ak , hlc_core\tex\tigg_m203, hlc_core\tex\toadie_m203-2003
- Reorganising: CfgMagazines and CfgAmmo moved to separate files
- Migrating: all CfgMagazines entries from HLC_WP_AK to Core (and respective assets)
- Added : nia_charm_proxy.p3d,nia_grip_proxy.p3d (related to new attachment slots)
- Added : Soundshaders/Soundset data for Grenade Launchers.
- Added : Sg550,SGG553R, SG553R Drum reload, Shared M203, animations (See Config.cpp for details)
- Added : new attachment arrays for Foregrips(Specifically to take advantage of other mod's handling of these) and "charms" (for fun, sample mesh and configs provided. see SG550s for execution) = nia_rifle_gripod_slot and nia_rifle_grips_slot
- Added: FNHerstal and Izhmash Charms for public use
- Added: RHS Grip items added to macros

Generic Experession error in Magswitch function corrected.

- HOTFIX - Solved Generic Expression error that was ruining ACE and dumping onto log files.

- Moved FAL Magazine classes into HLC_Core from HLC_WP_FAL
-- Added assets related to classes (rvmats, textures, p3ds)

- Added FN3011/FAL 10rnd Magazines
-- Added assets related to classes (rvmats, textures, p3ds)

- Added Animation Sequences related to FN3011
- Solved #81 (ACE_mod removed from hlc_acc_DBALPL,hlc_acc_DBALPL_FL)
- Added MAG58 Muzzle Brake Attachment (hlc_muzzle_MAG58_Brake)
- Added Leupold M3A Optic (hlc_optic_LeupoldM3A)
- Added UTG Leapers Lightweight Shooter's Bipod (HLC_bipod_UTGShooters)

- Centralising common attachment assets:
-- AARAU assets moved to HLC_Core
-- PVS4 Assets Moved to HLC_Core
-- Added Harris1a2 assets to HLC_Core
-- Added FN 4x assets to HLC_Core

- added textures for tracers (Correcting from missed previous commit)
- Added shared materials/textures: acc/optic/KahlesZF95 , acc/optic/HensoldtZFmod1, acc/optic/Scopemounts
- Added hlc_optic_VOMZ and respective Assets (migrated from SG550, not on repo)
- Added Missing tracer materials
- Added 2D reticles - accupoint_reticle.p3d, NATORangefinder_ZF95_6x.p3d, NV_pvs4-daysight.p3d, VOMZ_PU_3,5x.p3d,
- Added Custom Muzzle Flashes - A2 STANAG, AK74,AK12, low-visibility flash, MAG58 4-prong, bare mizzle midl-length,BCM Gunfighter, 3-prong muzzleflashes,NATO Starburst Brakes
- Added base classes for weapon-specific common scopes to inherit (Notably PVS4,ZF95)
- Reticle Meshes for Diavari DA Scope (currently G3-exclusive, but working options for foreestanding)
- AARAU Scope config added
- fixed #94 : magswitch script ignores all but first muzzle. Might be a problem if ever there needed to be a multi-muzzle solution, but I'm fairly confident that's a while off.
- VOMZ P3 (hlc_optic_vomz,hlc_optic_vomz3d)'
- ZF95 Config
- #82 Rolling out new CfgMagazines displayname style, taking comment - //displayname = "<Caliber> <Round> <Capacity> <Container/Gun> (<Tracers> every <rate>)" (additional note: for consistency's sake SPR rounds are SBLR, as that's a better explanation of the round's purpose);

- Add 75rnd drum of 7.62x39mm to magazines[] arrays, fixes #61
- Add a couple new AK mags from RHS 0.4.2 to magazines[] arrays
- Update G36 RHS compat (SAF)
- Fix muzzle class inheritance
- Added new AK animations plus respective cfg entries
- Lowpass filters for soundshaders added.
- Adjustments to IK values in new prone AK sequences
- Added Macros for FN30-11 Magazines (10-round FAL magazines)
- Added __MAGSWITCH handler
- asdg_PistolOpticMount: Added compatible Docter and Romeo-1 sight options (hlc_optic_DocterV,hlc_optic_RomeoV)(V is for vanilla)
- Moved Configs from hlc_wp_p226: hlc_muzzle_Octane9,hlc_muzzle_Evo9,hlc_muzzle_TiRant9,hlc_muzzle_TiRant9S,hlc_muzzle_Octane45,hlc_muzzle_Evo40
- added animation data- HLC_GestureReloadp226
- Added CBA/ACE Accfunc switching to hlc_acc_DBALPL, added hlc_acc_DBALPL_FL, Now can switch between IR laser and vis-spec tac-light
- Ballistics Data Updated(see Comments in file for more details): HLC_556NATO_EPR, HLC_556NATO_SOST, HLC_556NATO_SPR, HLC_300Blackout_Ball, HLC_300Blackout_SMK, HLC_762x39_Ball, HLC_762x39_SUB, HLC_762x39_Tracer, HLC_762x51_ball, HLC_762x51_MK316_20in, HLC_762x51_BTSub, HLC_300WM_FMJ, HLC_300WM_BTSP, HLC_300WM_AP, HLC_300WM_BTHP, FH_545x39_Ball, FH_545x39_Tracer, FH_545x39_7u1, FH_545x39_EP, HLC_9x19_Ball,HLC_9x19_JHP, HLC_9x19_M882_SMG, HLC_9x19_JHP_SMG, HLC_9x19_Subsonic, HLC_10mm_FMJ, HLC_10mm_JHP, HLC_45ACP_Ball, HLC_45ACP_JHP
- Migrated classes from separate packs: HLC_68x43_FMJ, hlc_68x43_IRDIM, hlc_68x43_OTM, hlc_68x43_Sub
- New Ballistics added: HLC_357SIG_FMJ, HLC_357SIG_JHP, HLC_40SW_FMJ, HLC_40SW_JHP, HLC_40SW_SD
- M60E4 displaynames reformatted.
- respective magazines updated to match new ballistics

- Clean up useless/bad refs in core (Credit: Robalo)
- Add some macros for easier mag compat maintenance (Credit: Robalo)
- Migrated per-pack ballistic data to Core: 300WM, 7.5mm GP11, .3006
- Updated ballistic data - 7.92x57mm Mauser
- Migrated magazine configs to core- hlc_100Rnd_762x51_B_M60E4,hlc_100Rnd_762x51_M_M60E4, hlc_100Rnd_762x51_Mdim_M60E4, hlc_100Rnd_762x51_Barrier_M60E4, hlc_100Rnd_762x51_T_M60E4
- Added magazine macros : __556AUG_MAGS,__792MG42_MAGS,__762MG3_MAGS
- #48: Moved AR15 .300 and 5.56 Suppressors to Core
- moved hlc_muzzle_Tundra to Core

- Implemented IRDIM Tracer Ammunition (5.56NATO and 762 NATO)
- 7.62x51mm terminal effect increased across the board
- Some currently unused ballistic inheritence changed.
- 7.92x57mm Tracers now Visible (Credit: Mallow)
- Whitespacing formatting conformed (Credit: YoursTruly)

Subsonic ammo no longer cracks
Buckshot rewritten

* 5.45x39 Tracer Ammo no longer IR-DIM (only visible with NVG)
* 5.45x39 7U1 Ammo now reflect IRL Ballistics (prepare to be throughly and laughably disappointed with it's performance, AND YES THIS IS CONSISTENT TO THE REAL ROUND)
* ADDED VOG25P Bouncing submunition (courtesy of gpgpgpgp. Sir you are a mad genius.)
* 5.56mm EPR Tracer Round no longer is green.
* 7.62x51mm Tracer is no longer green.
* Added ACE3 Ballistics Data(most calibers)(Credit- Ruthberg)

- Short AK reload changed
- Ballistic tweaks to all 5.45x39 bullets.

- Added Sequences for - AUGA3, AUG PARA, AUG barrel Swap, Prone AugA1 reload added
- Added ballistic Data - 7.62x51mm NATO EPR, Mk316, Barrier Ball

- All Currently Used bullet types now contain functionality for the Advanced Ballistics mod (by, and with values provided by, Ruthberg, BIG thanks to you for that, mate)
- All high-prone (Sitting) reload animations now use standing/crouch reload sequences.

- Updated .300 Blackout to use ballistic data provided by Spartan0536
- Added Sequence Definitions for MP5, MP5/10, MP5K-PDW, MP5K in preparation for Mp5 pack release
- New 9x19mm Ballistics courtesy of Spartan0536
- New 10mm Auto Ballistics
- Removed non-existant mp5sd sequence
- Reduced RPT spam regarding IKCurves

- Corrected prone on GP Prone reload
- Adjusted 5.45 Ballistic data, should be more representative of real bullet ( EP round now has more wounding capability 7N24, despite changes 7n6 largely unaffected. Both 3-5 shot takedowns against Plate carriers.)

- Added missing prone gensture for HLC_GestureReloadFALLONG
- Reworked .300 Ballistics- Should closer match factory loaded 147 Grain FMJ supersonic and 220 Grain SMK Subsonic respectively. (ED Note- ALL SUBSONIC LOADINGS BY NATURE have DRAMATIC BALLISTIC ARCS. Would not reccomend zero beyond 200m)
- Added HLC_762x51_BTSub - Subsonic .308 Boat-tail

* Added animations for the following-
* Updated 5.56mm EPR,SOST and SPR to reflect adujstments made by Spartan0536
* Contracted spread angle on HLC_12G_Buck- should group tighter.
* Abandoned "public" mod fork. Public build is now same build as internal testing version.

/ Added animations for the following-

- Re-signed file with updated private key

- Added animations for the following:
- Implemented Spartan0536's 5.56mm NATO ballistics in preparation for the AR15 release
- Added .300 AAC/Blackout Rounds for AR15 release (use eliteness to check out my maths, might inaccurate still)

- first release

- Community Base addons A3

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