Author: thorfinio
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.1a

Short description: Simple revive suitable for use in SP/COOP missions

Date: 2014-02-11 07:08

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Thorfinn SP Revive

Thorfinn Longbeard

This is a simple revive system i made out of various hints and solutions i found on the forum. I needed a simple revive suitable for use in SP/COOP missions. So i made this script. Please comment if you find it useful or if you have ideas or improvements about it.

  • player will become unconsious instead of dying
  • player will die if not revived after an adjoustable amounts of seconds.
  • unconscious players can't move from their position

  • Installation and Usage:
    Easy, just put this code in revivable players init:
    playerNameRevive = [this] execVM "thorf_revive\revive.sqf"; 

    Optionally you can adjust time span before unconscious players will die. Just edit revive.sqf:
    _timeBeforeDeath = 120; //adjust this in seconds

    Known issues:
    unconscious players can still talk!

    Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to everybody in the armaholic community, and especially to those who share their knowledge on the forums-

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    Tags: Coop,   Revive,   Singleplayer,   Sp