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Version: 1.0

Short description: This adds a retexture of the CSAT SU-39

Date: 2014-02-10 16:39

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CSAT SU-39 reTexture


With the lack of fixed wing aircraft I decided to brush off my retexturing skills. My first release is the SU-39 or 25, whatever the difference. It's not my favorite but it fits with what's out there right now. It was also a good oppurtunity to try the headache that is the hexagon camo pattern. Headache because a single hexagon put in the wrong place can throw off the pattern on the opposite side of the plane.

But I did it. I made the regular brown pattern, then while I was playing around with colors, I liked how the green looked in place of the middle brown color. So there is also a green camo in case any of you like it.
I'm also not a fan of every vehicle having the same paint, like the AAF. So i made a gray (or grey) one too.
I was going to detail it better and make it a little dirtier but the Arma 2 vehicles all have a really glossy shine. You can see in most pictures how glossy they look. So until I figure out how to remove the gloss, I'll just keep them how they are. I have asked how in threads before, but have gotten no answer.

Why I only made textures instead of the whole vehicle?
I'm sure that after a few weeks or months, we will have many addons created by users with the data packages BI released. So rather than me give you another SU-39 to add to all the others, I am giving you textures that you can apply to ANY mod. No compatability needed.

In the main folder there is:
3 Bodies - with a gray underside
3 Bodies - with the original blue underside
3 Bodies - CSAT Flag on tail -gray underside
3 Bodies - CSAT Flag on tail -blue underside
3 Wings - gray under
3 Wings - blue under

The Optional Folder:
3 bodies - dragon head on tail
3 bodies - dragon with swords
Gray body - dragon head and CSAT flag on tail

Installation / Usage:
You will notice that there are more textures for bodies and only 2 wing textures for each color. That is because the wings don't change like the bodies. Like flags, etc. Just blue or grey underneath. So match the body to a wing with same under color.

To use them:
- Copy the .paa of the textures you want and put them in the mission folder.
- Put the code below into the init of the SU-39:
this setObjectTexture [0,"SU_39_BROWN_BODY.PAA"]; this setObjectTexture [1,"SU_39_BROWN_WINGS.PAA"];
The body is the 0 texture and the wings are the 1 texture.

Also included is a .txt file that has the codes for init already typed out. It has every combination of textures. So all you need to do is copy the line you want.

Anyone can use these. If you want to put it into your mod, go ahead. It would be nice to give me some credit for the work. If you want me to change or add something or request for a vehicle, let me know.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- these skins can be used with any mod or addon which contains the SU-25, for example: Swedish Forces Pack

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