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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.9.10_RC_e

Short description: The main task for IgiLoad script is to allow delivery of supplies to units away from base.

Date: 2014-10-16 07:30

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IgiLoad script - logistical support


The main task for IgiLoad script is to allow delivery of supplies to units away from base. In short, transport boxes with ammunition, weapons, or anything else (what you put in the box) using vehicles.

The script is "installed" only on the server side.
Ability to set many parameters of script.
Transporting crates with: ammunition, grenades, ammunition for vehicles and much more.
ATVs, rubber boats and SDVs can be transported by truck.
In addition to trucks you can use CH-49 Mohawk.
ATVs can be transported by CH-49 Mohawk.
Cargo transported by CH-49 Mohawk can be parachuted.
CH-49 Mohawk has a usable ramp.

Installation / Usage:
After downloading extract the content of archive and move the folder IgiLoad to the mission root directory. Make sure that the path does not contain IgiLoad directory in the directory with the same name. The path should look like this <mission directory>\IgiLoad\IgiLoad.sqf In mission init.sqf file add the line of code:
0 = execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf";
If you do not have init.sqf file you can use the file from the archive. Before starting the mission, make sure you do not run IgiLoad script in the fields INITIALIZATION of vehicles or from another script.

Here is an available mission that demonstrates the use of IgiLoad with triggers and how to load cargo at the beginning of the mission using a script: IgiLoad script - logistical support example

More detailed instructions about the settings can be found here:

About use of IgiLoad script you can write long. It is best to learn how to use it during the game:

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Credits & Thanks:
This piece I dedicate to those who supported me during the creating of the script and helped in its creation.

Thanks go to:
DaSkunk - It was he who planted the seed in my head with the idea to creat IgiLoad script.
1PARA community - The whole community really supported me and cheered while creating of IgiLoad script. Devote their time to test and diagnose problems.

You get the script as it is. Script creator is not responsible for damages caused by using of this script. Script creator does not guarantee that the script will work correctly with other scripts or mods that you are using. Future versions of the script appear irregularly. It is possible to make modifications in the script, which aim to adapt it to the needs of mission. Modified script should not be made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable for download, in order not to mislead other users.

- Fix: "assignedVehicleRole" do not work with "Cargo" - change to "cargo".
- Fix: "animate" do not work with CH-49 Mohawk - change to "animatedoor".

- New: Change in mass of vehicle. IgiLoad add mass of ALL atached objects to vehicle mass.
- New: Variable for enable or disable change of vehicle mass IL_Mass.
- New: New cargoes non vehicle: "C_supplyCrate_F", "Box_mas_all_rifle_Wps_F", "Box_mas_us_rifle_Wps_F", "Box_mas_ru_rifle_Wps_F", "Box_mas_mar_NATO_equip_F", "Box_mas_mar_NATO_Wps_F"
- New: New cargoes vehicle: "C_Hatchback_01_sport_F", "B_mas_mar_MRAP_01_F", "B_mas_mar_MRAP_01_F", "B_mas_mar_MRAP_01_med_F", "B_mas_mar_MRAP_01_gmg_F", "B_mas_mar_MRAP_01_hmg_F", "B_mas_mar_Quadbike_01_F", "B_mas_mar_Offroad_01_F", "B_mas_mar_Offroad_01_armed_F", "B_mas_mar_Boat_Transport_01_F", "B_mas_mar_SDV_01_F"
- New: New transport vehicles: "B_mas_mar_Truck_01_covered_F", "B_mas_mar_Truck_01_transport_F", "B_mas_mar_Heli_Light_01_F", "B_mas_mar_Offroad_01_F"
- New: Variables to control the parachute opening height: IL_Para_Drop_Open_ATL, IL_Para_Jump_Open_ATL. Set to 0 to open parachute immediately.
- New: Parachute will not open immediately. The default limit of height is 150m for player and 200m for cargo.
- New: Parachutes get player and cargo velocity.
- New: Score is added to player after loading and unloading cargo.
- New: Variables to control added score: IL_Load_Score and IL_Unload_Score.
- New: Variables: IL_Para_Drop_Velocity, IL_Para_Jump_Velocity. Set to false do do not set velocity to parachutes.
- New: Land Cargo20 are supported cargoes non vehicle for HEMTT, ZAMAK and TEMPEST (damaging C-17 and C-130): "Land_Cargo20_blue_F", "Land_Cargo20_brick_red_F", "Land_Cargo20_cyan_F", "Land_Cargo20_grey_F", "Land_Cargo20_light_blue_F", "Land_Cargo20_light_green_F", "Land_Cargo20_military_green_F", "Land_Cargo20_orange_F", "Land_Cargo20_red_F", "Land_Cargo20_sand_F", "Land_Cargo20_white_F", "Land_Cargo20_yellow_F"
- New: IgiLoad set new mass for Land Cargo20 to 2400. Arma default was set to 20000.
- Change: Cargoes zload is from boundingBoxReal.
- Change: Mohawks can load UGV.
- Change: Longer unload path for unload with parachute in C-17 and C-130.
- Fix: Cargo drop at 000000 by attaching chute to cargo after create chute.
- Fix: Rotation of attached objects.

- New: New vehicles - Boeing C-17 by randomslap: "globemaster_c17_altus", "globemaster_c17_701", "globemaster_c17_703", "globemaster_c17_704", "globemaster_c17_705", "globemaster_c17_dover", "globemaster_c17_edwards", "globemaster_c17_Elmendorf", "globemaster_c17", "globemaster_c17_hickam", "globemaster_c17_IAF", "globemaster_c17_March", "globemaster_c17_mcchord", "globemaster_c17_McGuire", "globemaster_c17_Mississipi", "globemaster_c17_NATO", "globemaster_c17_natoPAPA", "globemaster_c17_Qatar", "globemaster_c17_RAAF", "globemaster_c17_ZZ172_RAF", "globemaster_c17_RCAF", "globemaster_c17_Stewart", "globemaster_c17_therock", "globemaster_c17_travis", "globemaster_c17_UAE", "globemaster_c17_wright_patt".
- New: New vehicles - Arma 3 by Bohemia Interactive Studio: "O_Truck_03_transport_F", "O_Truck_03_covered_F".
- New: New vehicles - US Marine Corp and MARSOC units by massi: "Marinir_Truck_01_box_FG", "Marinir_Truck_01_transport_FG", "Marinir_Truck_01_covered_FG", "Marinir_CH49_Mohawk_FG".
- New: New cargoes - US Marine Corp and MARSOC units by massi: "Marinir_B_MRAP_01_FG", "Marinir_MRAP_01_gmg_FG", "Marinir_MRAP_01_hmg_FG", "Marinir_duck_base_F".
- New: New cargoes - NATO Strider by Nightmare515: "Night_B_MRAP_03_F", "Night_B_MRAP_03_gmg_F", "Night_B_MRAP_03_hmg_F".
- Change: C130J Transport by theebu: Now can load cargo (7 slots).
- Change: C130J by theebu: No open/close cargo ramp option from IgiLoad.
- Change: New loading offset for "C_SUV_01_F".
- Fix: Bad color of smoke and chemical lights for not vehicles.
- Fix: Message about not supported vehicle.

New: IL_Para_Jump_ATL - Separated parachute jump altitude.
New: IL_Can_Inside - Disable loading for driver, pilot and co-pilot.
New: New vehicles: "caf_HLVW_open_AR", "caf_HLVW_open", "caf_HLVW_covered_ar", "caf_HLVW_covered", "CH_147F", "CH47F", "CH49_Mohawk_FG"
New: New cargoes: "JTF2_Offroad_armed_01", "CAF_Quadbike_OD", "CAF_Quadbike_AR", "rc_hmmwv", "HMMWV2", "HMMWV_M1035", "M1114_AGS_ACR", "HMMWV_M1151_M2", "HMMWV2_M2", "HMMWV2_MK19", "HMMWV2_TOW", "HMMWV", "HMMWV_M2", "HMMWV_MK19", "HMMWV_TOW"
Change: If you have a parachute you do not get a second. Parachute, which you have, you have to open yourself.
Fix: Damage during parachute jump.
Fix: Bad color of smoke and chemical lights for vehicles.

- New: The script can be run from "init.sqf". By adding line "0 = execVM "IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf";" to init.sqf. The archive contains a sample init.sqf file.
Attention! The script can not be called in this way when it is called in the "INITIALIZATION" field.
- New: The script itself will launch in existing vehicles and vehicles that will be created during the game. Only with init.sqf.
- New: Changes in the code to improve performance of script.
- New: A separate action in the action menu for loading vehicles and separate for loading other stuff. Allows you to load the vehicle loaded with cargo. This can be a problem when trying to load the vehicle with loaded quad.
- New: Initialization thread does not start immediately. Delay takes about 2-3 minutes. Values are random for each player.
Control of delay time is done with the help of two variables: "IL_Check_Veh_Min" and "IL_Check_Veh_Max".
Attention, these variables also control the frequency of thread to check whether the vehicle has been added during the game.
- New: C-130J by theebu ( is now supported.
Attention! Loading, unloading and unloading cargo on parachute are possible when the ramp is fully open.
- New: New vehicles: C-130J - "C130J_Cargo", "C130J";
Offroad - "C_Offroad_01_F", "B_G_Offroad_01_F";
VAN - "C_Van_01_box_F", "B_G_Van_01_transport_F", "C_Van_01_transport_F".
New: New cargoes: MRAP (C-130J) - "I_MRAP_03_F", "I_MRAP_03_gmg_F", "I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", "B_MRAP_01_F", "B_MRAP_01_gmg_F", "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F", "O_MRAP_02_F", "O_MRAP_02_gmg_F", "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F";
UGV (C-130J, ZAMAK, HEMTT) - "B_UGV_01_rcws_F", "B_UGV_01_F", "O_UGV_01_rcws_F", "O_UGV_01_F", "I_UGV_01_rcws_F", "I_UGV_01_F";
VAN (C-130J, ZAMAK, HEMTT) - "C_Van_01_box_F", "B_G_Van_01_transport_F", "C_Van_01_transport_F";
Offroad (C-130J, ZAMAK, HEMTT) - "C_Offroad_01_F", "B_G_Offroad_01_F", "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F";
SUV (C-130J, HEMTT) - "C_SUV_01_F";
Hatchback (C-130J, ZAMAK, HEMTT, Mohawk) - "C_Hatchback_01_F";
Known Issue: Attention! The problem of exploding helicopters also occurs with the C-130J ( It also occurs when the boxes causing it will be loaded onto a vehicle, and the vehicle on the C-130J.
Known Issue: C-130J Transport and IgiLoad usable ramp: Currently, only works with a closed bottom part of the ramp (you can also jump with a fully closed ramp). After solving the problem, I make appropriate changes in IgiLoad.
- Fix: SDV back on supported cargoes for CH-49 Mohawk.
- Fix: Parachutes collisions with CH-49 Mohawk in stationary flight.
- Change: Cargo parachutes for cargo.
- Change: Minimum altitude for the drop with parachute changed from 30 to 50 meters. The change forced by eliminating collisions and change parachute. Without changing this limit some players and cargo landed to the ground without a parachute.
- Change: Procedure "IL_Do_Load" has been modified in order to facilitate the preparation of vehicles loaded with cargo by scripts.

- New: Useble ramp added. Ramp allows parachute jumping without losing the backpack. To disable set variable "IL_Ramp" to false.
- New: MH-9 is now supported.
- New: Added variable "IL_LU_Alt" to control the maximum height for loading and unloading without a parachute. Controls also use of ramp to the boarding and exiting (non para).
- Change: SDV has been excluded from the list of supported cargoes for CH-49 Mohawk. Probably it were merely to periscope, which causes damage to the helicopter
- Change: Cargoes excluded from the list of supported for CH-49 Mohawk (causes damage to the helicopter): "Box_NATO_Wps_F", "Box_East_Wps_F", "Box_IND_Wps_F", "Box_East_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_IND_WpsLaunch_F", "Box_IND_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_East_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F", "Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_East_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F", "Box_NATO_Grenades_F", "Box_East_Grenades_F", "Box_IND_Grenades_F", "Box_NATO_Ammo_F", "Box_East_Ammo_F", "Box_IND_Ammo_F", "Box_IND_Support_F", "Box_East_Support_F", "Box_NATO_Support_F".

Older changes can be found in the included changelog textfile.

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