Week Report #6
Work in progress

* Operation Frenchpoint addons
    Wolf_51 from the Operation Frenchpoint mod team posted new sceenshots about their project.
    Some pictures from the Vehicle Pack.

    3-ofrp-41.jpg 3-ofrp-42.jpg 3-ofrp-43.jpg 3-ofrp-44.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* Burning Sands '42
    - MehMan has posted some pics showing this is not a dead project. This will be a WW2 North Africa (mini) mod which will cover the North African battlefield.
    4-burning_sands_9.jpg 4-burning_sands_10.jpg 4-burning_sands_8.jpg 4-burning_sands_7.jpg

    - Armaholic Forums
    - BIS forums

* Fww2 - Finland at War 1939-1945
    This week we have seen how a new project has arrived to Armed Assault showing some nice WIP screenshots. This project started for OFP at June 2004, the idea was to bring three wars that Finland went through during WW2; Winter war, Continuation war and Lapland war.
    3-fww2-01.jpg 3-fww2-02.jpg 3-fww2-03.jpg
    3-fww2-04.jpg 3-fww2-05.jpg 3-fww2-06.jpg

    - FWW2 site
    - Armaholic forums

* Jahve's US Army Special Forces operator
    Jahve has sent us his latest addon for Arma which is close to being released.
    Shaw is a US Army Special Forces operator, conducting unconventional warfare. He comes with an AKS-74 (like the one that came with one of the patches, except this one doesnt have a scope) and really fancy sunglasses.

    4-jahve_shaw_1.jpg 4-jahve_shaw_2.jpg 4-jahve_shaw_3.jpg 4-jahve_shaw_4.jpg

* EricM's Hind

* US Navy Halo Paratroopers
    Powerhorse posted some new pictures of his US Navy Halo Paratroopers, this time he showed some weapons work in progress.
    4-m4_halo.jpg 4-m4_halo1.jpg 4-m4_sniper.jpg 4-m4_sniper1.jpg

    - Armaholic forums

* vbr666 sound mod
    vbr666 has started a topic in our forums of how to make a new sound mod. Since than he has been posting about his progress.
    He created a sort of beta version.

    Quote vbr666
    All the sounds used in this mod were recorded from youtube movies, real weapons and vehicles.
    This is the first version of this sound mod. It's still quite raw, so I need some feedback. Which sounds you dislike and why?

    - Armaholic forums


Remember that you can check the progress of these and other addons/mods in our WIP Forums.

Written on 2007-12-09 16:43 by Armaholic  

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